Combined Planetary Geometry

An interaspect is an elementary form of Planetary Geometry. Super Linkages are a much more powerful and advanced form of Planetary Geometry than interaspects. In the next few pages, you are about to see an even more powerful and advanced type of Planetary Geometry.

Super Linkages are all part of what we call COMBINED Planetary Geometry, or just Combined Geometry. This is because Super Linkages can only be formed if we combine the geometry of the charts of two people. Although Romantic Super Linkages are the most common and pivotal astrological influences that promote marriages, there are other astrological factors that do so. One of these other factors is SYMMETRICAL COMBINED GEOMETRY, which is formed whenever the planets of two individuals' charts combine to form a symmetrical pattern. Symmetrical Combined Geometry is the most powerful of all the astrological influences on love and compatibility.

In fact, all of the couples we have discussed in this chapter have Symmetrical Combined Geometry. If you look at the actual combined alignment chart of John, Jr. and Carolyn Bessette at the end of this chapter, you will easily see that by combining their planets, there is Symmetrical Combined Geometry because there is a Grand Trine formed by combining their planets.

John and Carolyn's two birth charts actually combine to form several amazing symmetrical patterns; we do not show it, but there is a Golden Rectangle. In fact, there are two Grand Trines. In the last chapter, we learned about the enormous power of synchronized symmetrical geometry formed by the planets on a given day. It can create historic consequences and foretells extraordinary possibilities for a day. Just as a Grand Trine, or any symmetrical pattern, is very powerful in the chart of any particular day, there is also enormous power when a symmetrical pattern is formed by combining the planets of two birth charts.

When Symmetrical Combined Geometry occurs in a combined chart, the power of the symmetry creates exceptional compatibility and harmony between the two persons who form such geometry. It engenders and promotes truly remarkable ease in the relationship of the two people. If the geometry is CHIRON BASED, meaning if Chiron is a component planet of the symmetrical patterns, then the symmetrical alignment of the combined geometry magnifies any desire to make a commitment that would make the relationship permanent. In other words, the presence of Chiron in the Combined Geometry creates a desire in the two people to link together permanently and get married. All three of the Symmetrical Combined Geometry made by John and Carolyn are Chiron based.

We have already accumulated a lot of new terms and concepts, and it would be difficult for anyone to grasp them all immediately. Please don't let this discourage you. Do not hesitate to use the glossary at the back of this book. Magi Astrology is really very simple, and we promise you that you will understand it all as you read on and see the examples we provide. The rewards of this knowledge are enormous and can help you immeasurably. Also, you may want to discuss the material in this book with friends and co-workers and see how well it works in their lives and on their relationships. By analyzing their relationships, you will gain a greater understanding of the material in this book.

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