Combined Planetary Geometry Is the Astrological Key to Love

When each person is born, the planets create a unique natal Planetary Geometry. If there are certain types of symmetrical patterns in this geometry, the person has a greater-than-normal chance of becoming historically significant. In this regard, a person's Planetary Geometry gives us a sign of the likely boundaries of that person's destiny from the historical perspective.

In addition, every person's Planetary Geometry also has an overriding influence on that person's relationships of all kinds. This is because we are all most attracted to, and most compatible with, persons whose natal Planetary Geometry fits together in certain ways with our own Planetary Geometry, like a jigsaw puzzle. Let us explain this in detail.

If you take one person's Babylonian style alignment chart and overlay it and superimpose it on top of another person's Babylonian-style alignment chart, you create what the Magi Society calls a COMBINED ALIGNMENT CHART (CAC). With a CAC, you can see the positions of both persons' natal planets because both are drawn on a single combined chart. In this way, you can visually determine if the overlay of the two charts creates symmetrical figures like the ones we showed you earlier. If they do, then the two persons whose planets combine to form such symmetrical patterns have a good chance of being lifelong lovers, the type that Hollywood used to make movies about. In other words, there is a good chance that the two people will both feel like they are soulmates, will fall in love, and will eventually marry. Examples of all this are Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, and also Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart.

The combining of the natal planets of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard formed a Grand Trine. So did the natal planets of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Both of these symmetrical patterns are celestial signs of a lifelong and historic romance. That is why we still hear about Gable and Lombard, and about Bogie and Bacall.

Just as a symmetrical pattern formed during a day usually creates a very powerful influence for that day, a symmetrical pattern that is formed by combining the natal planets of two persons creates a very powerful and special relationship - one that is likely to be life-altering for both persons.

In this book, for emphasis and simplicity, a CAC will contain all the natal planets of one person, and only the most important planets from the other person. When two individuals' charts are combined to form a CAC, the patterns and shapes formed by their combined planets is called COMBINED PLANETARY GEOMETRY. The Grand Trine is an example of the type of Combined Planetary Geometry that exists in the CAC of most life-long married couples. This means that we can analyze a CAC to help us identify the person we will marry. The Magi Society has found that the shape of the patterns formed when you combine two persons' natal planets is a very accurate indication of the type of relationship that the two persons are most likely to have.

Gable and Lombard formed a Grand Trine, an indication of compatibility and harmony. But a T-square is not good; a couple that forms one is likely to have a tumultuous relationship. The T-square shape is the one that we saw in the charts of the two earthquakes of San Francisco.

This means that you can predict the probable outcome of a relationship between two people by analyzing their Combined Planetary Geometry. In this book, we will learn all about the different kinds of Combined Planetary Geometry and what they each mean.

But using combined alignment charts to successfully analyze relationships requires another very key component. The key component is CHIRON, a new astrological planet.

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