Choosing the Best Planetary Geometry for Matters of Love and Money

We have already explained that every marriage and business has a birth chart and that the destinies of both are very much dependent on the strengths or weaknesses of their Planetary Geometry. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that we understand the merits and benefits of each type of Planetary Geometry, as well as the problems associated with each.

The simplest form of Planetary Geometry has to do with planetary aspects. No matter how complex the Planetary Geometry, it is always simply comprised of individual planetary aspects, and we can understand the likely effect of any Planetary Geometry by analyzing each planetary aspect separately. Since planetary aspects are the building blocks of all the more interesting and most powerful symmetrical patterns and complex Planetary Geometry, it is helpful to understand the implications and powers of each such aspect. For this reason, toward the end of this book, we provide you with the most appropriate principal interpretations of every aspect as they relate to matters of love and money.

The general rule is that the 15 Super Aspects are each very helpful to have in any chart, but there are exceptions when it comes to relationship charts. The Uranus aspects are the exceptions. It is not good to have a Sun-Uranus or Venus-Uranus aspect in a Wedding Chart because Uranus imparts a desire for independence and change, which is detrimental to the longevity and stability of a marriage. On the other hand, the Venus-Neptune and Jupiter-Chiron Super Aspects are particularly good for Wedding Charts. Venus-Neptune helps engender and sustain long-term (Neptune) romance (Venus) and attraction (Venus); Jupiter-Chiron increases the chance of a successful (Jupiter) marriage (Chiron) and peaceful (Jupiter) family (Chiron). We will detail all of this in chapter 15 so that you will be proficient in knowing how to choose the planetary aspects that you desire for a relationship or business chart.

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