Chiron Is The Planet That Points to Your Soulmate

Chiron is so new that it was discovered only in 1977, eight years after man first landed on the Moon. But just as the Babylonians were greatly handicapped because they were not aware of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, traditional astrology has been equally lost without using Chiron. Astrologers have given the following symbol to represent Chiron:

By combining the use of Chiron with Planetary Geometry, we finally have the astrological answers to the mystery of why we love those we do, and whom we will marry. To give you a glimpse of how we can do this, let us look at the birth charts of Figures 3L and 3M. These charts are similar to those we have already seen, but in each of them, there are two symbols (representing planets) inside of a square. The squares are our way of saying that the planets belong to someone else's birth chart. In Figure 3L, the chart is that of Clark Gable with two of Carol Lombard's natal planets drawn in (Lombard's Sun and Chiron). Lombard's actual birth chart is Figure 6C at the end of this chapter. In Figure 3M, the chart is that of Humphrey Bogart, with two of Lauren Bacall's natal planets drawn in (Bacall's Chiron and Neptune). As you can see, by drawing connecting line between some of the planets of both of these super famous married couples, we get Grand Trines, which are signs of a match made in the heavens. The key component of these two Grand Trines was Chiron, and Chiron is the key piece of the jigsaw puzzle of marriage. Chiron is the arrow that points to your soulmate, and we will devote almost a hundred pages to this subject so that you will know how to determine whom Chiron points to in your chart.

Now that you have had a preview of one of the principles of Planetary Geometry as it relates to relationships, let us return to providing you with step-by-step detail.

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