Chiron is the arrow that points to your soulmate

Chiron is the celestial sign of your soulmate. By the end of this book, you should be able to accurately evaluate which person in your life Chiron is pointing to.


The position of Chiron in your birth date is so important and so hard to obtain that we have included 16 pages of data in this book so that you will be able to find the position of Chiron on any date from 1920 to 2015. A set of data or book that contains astrological positions is called an EPHEMERIS. At the end of this book, we provide a complete ephemeris for Chiron.

You may also want to know the positions of all the other planets on certain days, such as on your birth date and the birth dates of people you know. The publishers of this book, Hay House, Inc., also publish the Magi Society Ephemeris. That book will give you the positions of all the other planets for the 50 years ending in 1999. Once you buy the Magi Society Ephemeris, you can use a coupon in that book to also obtain the additional data for the positions of the planets for the years 1901 to 2009.

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