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Just as the Babylonians were at a severe disadvantage in their study and practice of astrology without the three new planets, modern astrologers have been at a disadvantage in trying to analyze relationships without using and understanding Chiron. Chiron is an astrological body just like the Sun, Moon, and the planets. But Chiron is by far the most important planet when it comes to relationships.

Chiron is the arrow that points to your soulmate!

The position of Chiron in a birth chart is the best clue to marriages, spouses, children, and all family ties.

In 1977, astronomers discovered Chiron. Originally, astronomers thought that Chiron was a planet. Some astronomers and skeptics of astrology said that the discovery of Chiron would put an end to astrology. They were very wrong. Instead, we will see in this book why Chiron will give birth to a resurgence of astrology unseen since the days of Johannes Kepler, when astrologers were respected and influential advisors to European and Asian monarchs.

Chiron is not a planet in the astronomic sense. But just as the Sun and Moon are not true planets and yet have profound astrological influences, so does Chiron. And just as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were all very important 11 new" pieces of the secret of the stars, so is Chiron. Whenever astrology discovers and makes use of a new piece of the astrological puzzle, some old mysteries become easily understood.

For example, Figure 3N is the Babylonian Alignment Chart for December 7, 1941, the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. This chart includes Chiron, and from now on, all of our charts will include Chiron.

Note that when Chiron is included, the chart for the Pearl Harbor attack clearly has a Grand Trine formed by Chiron, Mars, and Sun! So the ancient Babylonian laws of astrology were right again. On both of the most important days that started World War II, there was a Grand Trine in the sky. A Grand Trine is one of the most powerful symmetrical forms of Planetary Geometry, so this is another indication that symmetrical Planetary Geometry is a celestial sign that a mega-event could occur. (The shape of the Planetary Geometry by itself does not tell us if the event is good or bad, but you will learn later on how to use other tools of astrology to foretell or explain the actual nature of the mega-event.)

In this book, you will also see again and again that the recent discovery of Chiron and its incorporation into astrology will explain what astrologers could not explain before its discovery. By including Chiron, astrologers can do more than ever before.

Although Chiron is always important, Chiron is most important when it comes to matters involving relationships between two people. In any relationship, be it one relating to love, sex, friendship, or business, Chiron is the most important planet. It is so crucial, that in about 80 percent of all married couples, the positions of Chiron in the birth charts were the most reliable signs of whether the couple would or would not marry each other. We will explain all of this later on in the book.

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