Magi Astrology Chapter

Astro Elements

The Art Of Astrology

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Fulfill Your Dreams with Help from Magi Astrology----------------------------205

Chapter 12:

How to Choose the Best Days for Love and Money---------------------------229

Chapter 13:

Planets Have Personalities and Symbolisms------------------------------------247

Chapter 14:

Chiron Is the Sign of a New Age----------------------------------------------------265

Chapter 15:

The Magi Society's Planetary Interpreter—What Every

Aspect and Linkage Means----------------------------------------------------------289

Chapter 16:

Recognizing the Astrological Signs of Heartbreak-----------------------------341

Chapter 17:

Astounding Proof of the Validity of Planetary Geometry---------------------367

The Magi Society's Love Calendar-------------------------------------------------393



Chiron Ephemeris 1920-2015----------------------------------------------------------417

Magi Astrology Com puter Software----------------------------------------------------434

About the Magi Society--------------------------------------------------------------------437

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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