Businesses Also Have Birth Charts

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Electional Astrology and knowledge of Planetary Geometry can also help you maximize your chances of success if you are planning to start a business.

Corporations also have birth charts. Through the process of natalization, when a company is first created, the astrological chart of that time of creation (date of incorporation) becomes the chart of the corporation, and the Planetary Geometry of the chart determines the ability of the company to make money.

Have you ever wondered why AT&T failed in the computer business? And why IBM failed in the copying machine business? Are you surprised that Dell Computer and Compaq each sell more personal computers than IBM? And why is it that some companies can grow by making massive acquisitions, while others cannot?

By now you know that the answers are in the stars. But do you know why? If you're thinking that it's because of aspects, you are correct.

A company must be incorporated on a day that has the necessary planetary aspects that enable it to be especially prosperous in a particular business or activity, or else it will not be able to compete in that business. Like a person, a company can only succeed at what the aspects allow. There can be a number of different areas in which one can achieve success, but companies-and all of us-are able to achieve the most success in an area in which our strongest planetary aspects endow us with the specific abilities we need. As always, let us give you some examples in order to clarify what we're saying.

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