Babylonians Discover the Power of Symmetrical Planetary Geometry

As the centuries passed, the Babylonians made another very important discovery. They learned that as the planets move around and around in the Earth sky, an important heavenly sign can come from the shape of the figure, that was created by connecting lines between the positions of some of the planets. (This forms the Planetary Geometry of the day.) They learned that whenever three or more planets formed a symmetrical pattern in the sky, the chances of a mega-event occurring were high. From this they deduced that when planets formed a symmetrical pattern, it was a celestial sign that some significant event was about to take place. Examples of the types of symmetrical patterns the Babylonians considered to be celestial signs are shown below.

Figure 3F : Eight examples of Planetary Geometry

Figure 3F : Eight examples of Planetary Geometry

Symmetrical Signs

After a thousand of years of fanatical record keeping, the ancient Babylonian astrologers discovered that when the Planetary Geometry of a day included SYMMETRICAL PATTERNS like the ones on the last page, then an extraordinary event was almost sure to happen. The event could be a very positive historic event or a very negative one. But whatever the event, it would be consequential and have significant impact.

It is helpful to understand exactly how the planets can form such symmetrical patterns. Take, for example, the first symmetrical figure. It is a triangle. But it is not just an ordinary triangle; it is an EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE because each side is exactly the same length. This makes the triangle perfectly symmetrical. The way three planets form such a triangle is when they are each spaced apart by an angle of 120 degrees, which is one-third of the 360 degrees of a circle. In other words, if you look at the sky and see that Jupiter is in one position, and if you turn your head 120 degrees in either direction and find another planet, each of which is a third of the sky away from Jupiter, then the three planets would form this special triangle. (Of course, this would assume that you could see through the Earth with some kind of x-ray vision.) In order to easily see if there was a symmetrical pattern the Babylonians drew lines connecting the planets' positions. All patterns made in this way are examples of Planetary Geometry.

All of the eight figures on the previous page are symmetrical geometric shapes that are examples of what the Magi Society calls SYMMETRICAL Planetary Geometry. Astrologers have given each of them a special name. The first one is called a GRAND TRINE; the second one is a T-SQUARE; the third is called a GRAND CROSS; the fourth is the GOLDEN RECTANGLE, the fifth is a YOD, and the sixth is a GRAND SEXTILE. The seventh is the KITE, and the last is the famous pattern known as the STAR OF DAVID.

There is interesting confirmation that the ancients of Babylonia believed in the power of symmetrical patterns in the sky. We are all somewhat familiar with the Hebrew culture because of the Old Testament of the Bible and because Jesus of Nazareth was born of that culture. But what most of us do not know is that the Hebrew symbol commonly known as the Star of David was actually astrologically derived. The Star of David is really an astrological pattern! It is two perfectly symmetrical triangles, meaning two grand trines. However, one of the grand trines is turned 60 degrees from the other. The entire pattern can be formed when any six of the planets are aligned in the sky such that each planet is spaced 60 degrees apart from the next planet. According to the ancient Babylonians, the Star of David was the most powerful symmetrical pattern of the planets. These astrologers believed that anyone born on a day when the planets formed the Star of David was extraordinarily lucky and would be remarkably powerful.

The Magi Society believes that Samuel, the Hebrew prophet who chose and anointed David as king of Israel, was an astrologer-probably the best one of his time. Even though David was the son of a shepherd, Samuel chose him to be king of Israel because David was born on a day when six planets formed the pattern that is now known as the Star of David. Samuel knew that anyone born on such a day had a great chance of becoming the most powerful person alive, and the most fortunate. Does this mean David really did kilt Goliath with a stone? We think so. How lucky and powerful can you get? David was Icing of Israel and Judah for 33 years, and Israel grew under his reign. Samuel's astrological prediction for David was correct. The Hebrew prophets were the best astrologers of their times.

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