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Some of you might be thinking that these examples are not truly representative, and are chosen only because they work. But we assure you that Planetary Geometry and astrology both do work. We prove it at the end of the book by using Planetary Geometry as well as some new concepts that are unique and powerful tools of Magi Astrology.

However, we understand why some of you might have doubts at his time. After all, you might be thinking, If the astrology of the Babylonians was always as accurate as the few examples given so far, then why isn't astrology recognized and respected as a science? How come there is no college or university giving out degrees in astrology?

There is an answer to all such questions, and it is a very simple and understandable one. The main reason is that the Babylonian astrologers had one very major shortcoming: They did not know about three very important planets. Pluto was not discovered until 1930. Neptune was discovered in 1846, and Uranus in 1781. These three planets are sometimes referred to collectively as the NEW PLANETS. Not knowing about these three very important new planets was a crippling handicap for the Babylonian astrologers.

Take, for example, the day that started World War 11, September 1, 1939. On that day, there was a Grand Trine of Mars, Neptune, and Uranus. We have already explained that a Grand Trine was one of the Babylonians' sure-fire celestial signs of an impending significant event.

But If you did not know about Neptune and Uranus, there would be no grand trine, and the Babylonians did not know about Neptune and Uranus. Therefore, on that most historic of days, even though symmetrical patterns would have worked perfectly, the Babylonians would not have known that there was a symmetrical pattern in the sky-not without Neptune and Uranus. They would not have seen the sign in the sky that would predict that momentous day!

The Babylonian astrologers were right about the importance of symmetrical patterns made by the planets, but they did not know about enough of the planets to hold on to this belief. Even worse, they would think they were wrong. Trying to do astrology without all of the planets is like trying to write a doctoral thesis with a three-year-olds' vocabulary, or like trying to spell words without half the alphabet. You are very limited in what you can do. But the rules are valid, nonetheless.

Because of this insurmountable disadvantage, the Babylonians, and virtually all other astrologers since them, have groped for other ways to use the planets as a predictive methodology. They devised many other tools for astrology, most of which were useless, or even worse, just plain wrong. And in so doing, astrologers took some very wrong turns and did something that resulted in another of the main reasons why astrology is not studied in the universities: Most astrologers set aside the Babylonian Alignment Charts in favor of the HOROSCOPE CHART

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