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One of the best ways to apply our knowledge of Turbulent Aspects is to help us achieve the best marriage we are capable of. From the astrological point of view, the most powerful influence on marriage is the Planetary Geometry of the wedding date, and one thing we do not want in a Marriage Chart is a bunch of Turbulent Aspects. At the end of this chapter, we gave you the wedding charts for Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono. As you probably know, Lennon died after being shot, and Lombard died in a plane crash. Both deaths occurred while the two individuals were married.

The Gable/Lombard Marriage Chart has two very exact oppositions. One was formed by Jupiter and Neptune, translating to a lack of (Jupiter with negatization) longevity (Neptune). The other opposition was Mars-Chiron, warning of an accident (Mars) that leads to loss of life (Chiron rules life, but there is negatization so we use the term loss of life). Trines and conjunctions are good aspects, but there was not a single trine or conjunction in the Gable-Lombard Marriage Chart.

There were two conjunctions in the Lennon/Ono Marriage Chart, but the two conjunctions were in opposition to each other, creating four oppositions. The results of these four oppositions were as follows:

1. Jupiter opposed to Sun was a sign of an unfortunate wedding

2. Jupiter opposed to Chiron symbolized an ill-fated marriage

3. Uranus opposed to Chiron meant a turbulent relationship

4. Uranus opposed to Sun denoted a wedding noteworthy for the wrong reasons

Besides these Turbulent Aspects, each of these two famous weddings took place when there was a strong quincunx formed by Saturn. Now remember that Saturn is the one planet that is a sign of pain and problems. Gable married Lombard when Saturn was quincunx to Neptune, indicating that there would be a limitation (Saturn) on longevity (Neptune). The marriage did not make it to its third anniversary. The Saturn quincunx aspect in the Lennon wedding chart was Saturn-Pluto, which was indicative of a tragic (Saturn) end (Pluto) to the marriage. When a quincunx is a Saturn aspect, it is a Turbulent Aspect!

Marriage Charts are so important that we will come back to them later on in this book. In the meantime, if you have just checked the Planetary Geometry of your relationship charts, such as a Wedding or Love Chart, and have found Turbulent Aspects in them, please do not jump to any conclusions yet. Enhancement aspects in a chart can overpower Turbulent Aspects if there are enough of them. In addition, remember when we explained that we all have a second birth chart? A marriage also has a second chart that co-exists with the Babylonian-style-alignment chart and could be much more favorable. We will begin to discuss this second chart in chapter 7, so please do not get depressed if your existing Relationship Chart is not the best. You only need one of the two charts to be very favorable.

Besides the various Relationship Charts, there are other very powerful influences related to whether or not two persons will have a blessed relationship. They are called LINKAGES, which we will discuss in the next chapter. But first, we want to gives you some good news about all the planetary aspects that you were born with.

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