Astrology Has No Uniform Definition for Time of Birth


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You cannot have a horoscope chart without the time of birth. This is because it is the time of birth that determines the ascendant and midheaven, and none of the 12 houses are able to be calculated without the ascendant. The houses are the key to horoscope charts. However, there is a very real problem that the astrological community has not yet come to grips with. Astrology has not defined time of birth.

There cannot be horoscope charts without a time of birth, and yet astrology does not have a uniform definition of what time of birth is. Is it the time that the umbilical cord is cut? The time any part of the baby first leaves the womb? The time the baby first gasps for air and cries? te the time of birth when the baby first opens its eyes and is aware of the world? Or is it when the soul incarnates into the body? And when is that? Or, is it another parameter perhaps one that we have never thought of? Astrology is not sure.

Not only do astrologers not have a uniform definition of the time of birth, but the nurses and doctors who fill out birth certificates do not share the same standards for determining time of birth. To make matters even more confusing, most birth times are written as an afterthought, from memory, once the delivery team is certain the baby is healthy. How accurate is the memory when there is so much vital work to be done during the delivery process?

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