Are You Planning a Seduction Take Advantage of Seduction Aspects

Are you planning a seduction'? Well, we have great news. Your chances of exhilarating success will be greatly increased when you entice and tempt someone at a time when the planets form SEDUCTION ASPECTS. This is because the planetary aspects that exist at any time in the sky influence how we all feel.

Different aspects in the sky have different influences on all of us. If you think back, you will no doubt recall times when it seemed as if the whole world was on a nastiness binge; everyone was in a bad mood. And, there were other times when it seemed that the whole world was in a helpful and cooperative kick; everyone was in a good mood. Such times are predictable by analyzing the planetary aspects of the day. For whatever reason, planetary aspects are signs of the general mood of everyone around us. Of course we all put our own spin to this, so some of us are not as strongly influenced as others are, but we are all affected at least a little by the planetary aspects of a day. That is the cause of those times when almost everyone seems either happy or sullen.

For example, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, there were two aspects that spelled war. Mars and Sun formed a trine, and Chiron and Mars were in trine. Not only were these signs that there could be war, but they were also indications that the level of belligerency worldwide would be well above normal. The U.S. declared war on Japan. Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S., who then declared war on them. See what we mean? The Sun-Mars trine and Mars-Chiron trine lasted through all these declarations of war.

But fortunately, there are also days when the world generally feels romantic and more loving. Such days are good times to seduce someone or to make love. We all feel more romantic when a Seduction Aspect is in the air. In other words, when a Seduction Aspect is formed by the planets in the sky, everyone will feel more inclined to fall in love and feel more inclined to make love, including the person who is the target of your seduction. On a day when a Sexual Aspect is in the sky, everyone has more sexual energy. Try it-it works! When we make love during a Seduction Aspect, our lovemaking is more fluid, more exhilarating, and more satisfying. We also want more romance and sex. The Magi Society has been doing this for hundreds of years. Why do you think there are so many Chinese?!

Seriously, here are the five Seduction Aspects:

* Sun enhanced by Venus, a time (Sun) for seduction (Venus);

* Moon enhanced by Venus, a mood (Moon) for seduction (Venus);

* Venus enhanced by Neptune, a time for sensual (Neptune) desires (Venus);

* Venus enhanced by Mars, a desire (Venus) for sex (Mars) and sexual (Mars) seduction (Venus); the joining (Venus) of bodies (Mars); and

* Mars enhanced by Pluto, energy (Mars) for the sex organs (Pluto).

Bear in mind that it is Venus that is the ruler of seduction. Each of these Venus aspects elevates our romantic desires and increases our need to be with someone. The Mars-Pluto aspect is sort of like a dose of Viagra, but it also works on women. We all have more sexual energy and are all more susceptible to being seduced under the influence of any of these five aspects.

You may have noticed that two of these aspects are also Sexual Aspects; this means that days when such aspects exist are definitely times you want to mark your calendar in red-for romance and passion!

The period of time when an aspect is formed and within orb is called the ASPECT'S TIME, or just ASPECT TIME. The aspect time of Seduction Aspects are the best times to seduce anyone.

To help you make use of this information, we have provided a LOVE CALENDAR at the back of this book. It contains the best days for love and seduction for five years. Try it out; we think you will love these days. The Love Calendar also warns you of days when love relationships could be tumultuous. The best way to handle such days is to be understanding and not do anything drastic; just let the days pass by, and don't make waves.

When referring to the best times to do things, there is a branch of astrology that specifically deals with choosing the most favorable times to engage in specific types of activities. It is called ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY. Let us focus on this subject next.

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