An Example of the Power of Symmetrical Planetary Geometry

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Unfortunately, no one knows King David's actual birth date, so we cannot really use his birth chart as an example of the power of symmetrical Planetary Geometry. But it is not necessary to use King David's chart as an example. There is no shortage of great examples, because the symmetrical patterns of astrology really work. We will provide you with some to help you understand this very important concept of astrology.

Napoleon Bonaparte was certainly a historic personage. His birth chart is Figure 3G at the end of this chapter. (Please note that all birth charts referred to in a chapter can be found at the end of that chapter.) Obviously, someone like Napoleon would fit the criteria of the birth of a very historic person. He impacted the history of Europe for decades. On the day that he was born, there was a symmetrical pattern, a Grand Trine, formed by three of the planets: Mars, Uranus, and Pluto. This pattern is very rare and is an example of the type of symmetrical pattern that the Babylonians believed was a celestial sign that something significant was going to happen. In this case, it was the sign of the birth of the most important man in Europe in the early 19th century. Virtually everyone in Europe during the early 1800s felt the impact of Napoleon's actions.

What this means is that by using and analyzing Planetary Geometry, we would have predicted that Napoleon could have been a very historic personage. Not bad for using a rule of astrology that was formulated more than 4,000 years ago.

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