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In general, the average man is more sexually oriented than the average woman. There is an astrological reason for this. There are some aspects that affect men in a different way from women. Specifically, the Mars-Neptune, Mars-Uranus, and Mars-Chiron aspects are male sexual aspects but they are not sexual aspects for women. In other words, we interpret these three aspects differently for men than women when it comes to predicting sexuality. For women, the Mars-Neptune and Mars-Chiron aspects increase the female urge for a family and to want to become pregnant, but they do not increase the desire for sex, nor do they enhance sexual capacity. Women with these two aspects focus on bearing children and not on the sex act. The Mar-Uranus aspect in women provides more energy, but this energy is not specifically sexual in nature.

On the other hand, of the three Sexual Aspects we previously listed, the Venus-Pluto aspect has a stronger sexual influence on the woman than the man. In fact, the VenusPluto aspect is a FEMALE SUPER SEXUAL ASPECT along with Venus-Mars; whereas the MALE SUPER SEXUAL ASPECTS are Mars-Pluto, Mars-Neptune, and again, Venus-Mars. These findings of ours are consistent with the fact that the male sexual planet is Mars, and the female sexual planet is Venus. Venus-Mars is a Super Sexual Aspect for both men and women.

Incidentally, Madonna was born with a Female Super Sexual Aspect. Most women who are born with one will not marry a man who does not have a Sexual Aspect, because men who don't simply cannot keep up with women who do. We will see later on in this book that Madonna's men have Male Super Sexual Aspects. And so does Bill Clinton.

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