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Romantic Super Linkages and Combined Symmetry are both part of the broad concept of Combined Planetary Geometry. They are tools of Magi Astrology that obviously work very well. However, we are not trying to prove they work. There is no way for us to prove anything that involves your own emotions and feelings, but you can prove it to yourself by checking on the Combined Planetary Geometry that you make with the people in your life. If you do so and apply the techniques you have already learned, you will understand things about your past and present relationships you did not previously comprehend.

The key to compatibility is in the Combined Planetary Geometry that two persons form. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, one person's planets must fit with those of another. And if they do, then there is MAGIC. This is how a prince falls in love with a pauper, and why many of us fall in love with someone who is not our type. The fact is that we are all most attracted to and most compatible with those with whom we form Romantic Super Linkages and Symmetrical Combined Geometry - and these are both original precepts of Magi Astrology.

We regard all of this as great news, because it means that there really are soulmates and we do not have to be beautiful or rich for someone to be attracted to us and love us in the way we want and need. We just have to find that person with whom we have the right Combined Planetary Geometry!

So far, we have dealt with only Babylonian Alignment Charts. But we mentioned in chapter I that we all have two birth charts. What a wonderful thought! It means that you have another chance to have great planetary aspects and form great Romantic Super Linkages with someone you love. You'll begin to learn about your second birth chart in the next chapter.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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