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2 The Nine Planetary Types

Mars types possess a strong energy and have periods of very good health. Their diseases, which are usually acute, arise more from bad living habits than from an inherently weak constitution. They suffer physically from alcohol, cigarettes, meat, hot spices, oily and fried foods, overdrinking and overeating. Usually their liver is their weakest organ and they tend towards hepatitis, cirrhosis and hypertension. Mars types are also the most prone to injuries, accidents and traumatic diseases, often from their own rashness or aggressive behavior. They may have surgeries or have organs removed (particularly if Mars combines with Saturn).

Pluto In The Sixth House

Pluto here will sometimes complicate your health by causing blockage, constipation, abnormal growths or tumors in the teen years it can give problems with acne. Unless you channel your energies properly, you could become a hypochondriac and run from one doctor to the next. You could become the victim of your own pent-up energies and must face and overcome any bad habits. Astrologer Doris Chase Doane, nutritionist Adelle Davis, writer Mark Twain, inventor Thomas Edison.

The Sun In Aspect With Other Planets

Jupiter square or opposition to the Sun is bad for the health because it gives a tendency to form bad habits. The person is far too fond of the so-called good things of life, and very selfish in supplying his own comforts he never exercises nor denies himself so the circulation becomes sluggish and as these people have a superabundance of blood this sluggishness is productive of various noxious growths and functional disorders sometimes a fit of anger raises the blood pressure to such a point that a vessel bursts and ends the life or leaves the person

Progressed Moon

The position of the Radix Moon and its aspects implies that our client has a very bad habit of looking for too much from relationships and then crying when the reality of the situation comes to the fore. His nerves suffer simultaneously with his emotions. One is responsible for the other, and both must be understood. It is important to note that the potential to overcome such difficulties is provided and ought to be utilized. (Note I recommend that before continuing, you refer back to Lesson XVIII, pp. 12-18, and reread the complete section concerning the Radix Moon Sign Influence.)

The Earth Houses

Mediate experience with MATERIAL affairs, we can easily understand the motivation behind these activities. We learn about our material body's needs and limitations chiefly through health problems (often coming from bad habits, too much pressure from work or duties, or excessive self-criticism or negative thinking all sixth house matters). We also gain practical insight into ourselves through the everyday performance of our work and duties. All these areas of experience help us to learn humility, to accept our limitations, and to take responsibility for our own state of health, both physical and psychological. When it is understood that the sixth house represents a phase of purification through immediate contact with the material level of experience, we can begin to interpret this house in a true and positive way.

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