1. When the rulership of time comes to Jupiter, ten years and eleven months are allotted to him. But he divides all this time in a similar way. Thus when he is ruler one must investigate how he is located in the chart, in what sign and what degrees, and whether on the first or second angles, in favorable or sluggish or dejected houses, and whether in a nocturnal or a diurnal chart.

2. From all these we find the efficacy of his decrees. What Jupiter in general indicates in a chart, this he brings about when he is ruler of dme. But you must remember this also in the case of all the other planets. For whatever we have said of Saturn and Jupiter, this you must also observe in the cases of the other planets. Whatever all planets indicate, whether good or bad, will be carried out when they are rulers of time.

3. When ten years and eleven months are allotted to Jupiter, he himself takes twelve months. During these twelve months which he takes for himself he indicates good fortune, glory, and happiness in accordance with the nature of the chart, especially if he himself is the ruler of the chart. To whomever he had decreed marriage or children, he bestows them when he is the ruler of time if the age of the native permits. Also he brings glory, honors, and increase in income according to what the chart allows.

4. When Jupiter is ruler of time, he allots 30 months to Saturn. When Saturn receives them from Jupiter he will make the natives always torpid and hindered in activities so that they fail in all occupadons from cold sluggishness. But this is the case only if it is a nocturnal chart and Saturn is not favorably located in the chart.

5. When Jupiter is ruler of dme, from his own time he allots 15 months to Mars. When Mars receives these he changes the whole order of life and occupations, and whatever was carried on before is transferred to another kind of life, so that the positions held before are lost; or Mars will be harmful with various kinds of crises.

6. Jupiter allots 19 months to the Sun. When the Sun receives these 19 months he makes public all the secrets of life, changes all activities in various ways, and leads the soul through many kinds of anxieties. For he scatters whatever was collected before, so that everything is disturbed and confused. But these misfortunes are less in a diurnal chart.

7. Jupiter from his own time allots to Venus eight months. When in a nocturnal chart Venus receives these, if she is ruler of the chart or if Jupiter is ruler, she makes marriages and indicates prosperous times and good fortune. But in a diurnal chart she predicts a mediocre fortune with continual illicit love affairs, especially if the nature of the sign or of the house affects Venus.

8. Jupiter from his own ten years allots 20 months to Mercury. When Mercury receives these he indicates occupations which will bring great profit, the protection of many important friendships, and promotions in all assigned duties, so that good fortune comes from all activities in every way.

9. Jupiter allots 25 months to the Moon. When the Moon receives these she indicates a period of serene tranquility and great increase in good fortune, according to the essence of the chart. Then the pains of preceding misfortune are soothed; then the exigencies of need are relaxed; then health cures the afflictions of illness; then fears of danger are overcome by favorable protection; then in all law suits decisions are handed down for the native; then grief is healed, anxiety is allayed, and a civilized time of good fortune approaches, wiping away the squalor of preceding bad luck, especially when Jupiter is in favorable aspect to the full Moon.

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