The Antiscia

1. The antiscia should be dealt with at this point because we introduced them a little earlier; in this way nothing may seem to have been

Diagram VIII. The Antiscia.

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overlooked in this account of principles.

2. The antiscia of the Greeks have been handed down by tradition. I do not wish anyone to think that this topic has not been discussed by the Greeks. For even Ptolemy42 followed no other theory but that of the antiscia. Antiochus,43 when he said that indeed Libra did not see Aries because the Earth was in the middle, as if through a mirror reached the theory of the antiscia. Dorotheus of Sidon,44 on the other hand, a very wise man who wrote about forecasting by the stars in very accurate and learned verses, explained the calculation of the antiscia in clear terms in his fourth book.

3. Now I shall briefly describe how the antiscia45 are related. The beginning of the antiscia is either from Gemini and Cancer or from Sagittarius and Capricorn. Let us therefore begin our explanation from Gemini and Cancer. Gemini (the Twins) send antiscia toward Cancer and Cancer toward Gemini; Leo toward Taurus and Taurus toward Leo; Virgo toward Aries and Aries toward Virgo; Pisces toward Libra and Libra toward Pisces; Aquarius toward Scorpio and Scorpio toward Aquarius; Sagittarius toward Capricorn and Capricorn toward Sagittarius. If again we begin from Sagittarius and Capricorn, in the same way they stop with Gemini and Cancer. All these we must now consider with careful inquiry so that our respectable profession should not at any time be dishonored by fraudulent lies in forecasts.

4. What we have said about the antiscia is not enough unless we list in detail which degrees emit influences to which other degrees, and receive them in turn. It is necessary to note that no degree influences the 30th degree, nor does the 30th degree send antiscia to any other degree. This example which we have given from Gemini and Cancer pertains to the antiscia of all the signs: the first degree of Gemini send antiscia toward the 29th degree of Cancer, and the 29th degree of Cancer in turn sends antiscia toward the first degree of Gemini.

5. This example which we have given of Gemini and Cancer applies to the antiscia of all the signs: the first degree of Gemini sends antiscia toward the 29th degree of Cancer, and again the 29th degree of Cancer sends antiscia toward the first degree of Gemini; the second toward the 28th and the 28th toward the second; the third toward the 27th and the 27th toward the third; the fourth toward the 26th and the 26th toward the fourth; the fifth toward the 25th and the 25th again toward the fifth; the sixth toward the 24th, again the 24th toward the sixth; the seventh toward the 23rd and the 23rd toward the seventh; the eighth toward the 22nd and the 22nd toward the eighth; the ninth toward the 21st and the 21st again toward the ninth; the tenth toward the 20th and the 20th again toward the tenth; the 11th toward the 19th, the 19th again toward the 11th; the 12th toward the 18th, the 18th again toward the 12th; the 13th toward the 17th, the 17th again toward the 13th; the 14th toward the 16th, the 16th again toward the 14th; the 15th toward the 15th, again the

15th toward the 15th; the 16th toward the 14th, the 14th again toward the 16th; the 17th toward the 13th and again the 13th toward the 17th; the 18th toward the 12th, the 12th again toward the 18th; the 19th toward the 11th, again the 11th toward the 19th; the 20th toward the tenth, again the tenth toward the 20th; the 21st toward the ninth, again the ninth toward the 21st; the 22nd toward the eighth, again the eighth toward the 22nd; the 23rd toward the seventh and again the seventh toward the 23rd; the 24th toward the sixth, the sixth again toward the 24th; the 25th toward the Fifth, again the Fifth toward the 25th; the 26th toward the fourth, again the fourth toward the 26th; the 27th toward the third, the third again toward the 27th; the 28th toward the second, the second again toward the 28th; the 29th toward the First, again the First toward the 29th.

6. In this way Gemini and Cancer send each other antiscia. For a degree, from whatever degree it receives an antiscium, sends an antiscium from itself to that degree. Thus Taurus and Leo send an antiscium against each other, thus Virgo and Aries, Libra and Pisces, Scorpio and Aquarius, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

7. In order that this may be more clearly understood, that is, what sign sends antiscia toward what other sign, I have written out all the degrees in detail so that all difficulties may be cleared up: toward whatever degree, therefore, the First degree sends an antiscium, from there it receives an antiscium itself in turn: likewise the second, and so with the others. We have therefore written out the degrees of Gemini and Cancer and it is well that this serve also as an example in the case of degrees of other signs and of these signs which degrees send, as we have said, an antiscium toward each other.




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