1. Jupiter and Mars in conjunction indicate high position and great power. They make the natives governors of great states or great regions, holders of glorious powers among the most important peoples.

2. They will always attain their desires, especially if Jupiter and Mars are in favorable houses, or on the first angles in the fifth or eleventh houses, or in the houses of Jupiter or Mars. For then consular fasces and the greatest armies are entrusted to the natives and they attain high position and magnificent power.

3. If Jupiter and the Sun are in conjunction and Jupiter is hidden by the Sun's rays, this diminishes the whole fortune. But if Jupiter, freed from the Sun's rays and in a morning rising, is together with the Sun in the same sign, this indicates high honor and position. The natives will be born from respectable parents and from the day of birth all their parents' good fortune will be bestowed on them. They themselves will rejoice in fortunate offspring.

4. Jupiter and Venus together in the same degree or the same sign indicate the highest position and great personal charm. The natives are always associated in true friendship with great and good men. They are always known for good character and are devout in religious rites. They will have great physical attractiveness and be joined in close friendship to kings and judges. They will always have a good reputation, and will attain high position and possessions through the protection of powerful women.

5. A happy and prosperous marriage is also predicted for those who have Jupiter and Venus in conjunction. They will have children unless a malefic planet prevents. But they are always driven by depraved desires to a series of love affairs. These same predictions are made by Jupiter and Venus in a woman's chart. But if Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction in fixed signs, favorably aspected to the Moon, and Mars from any direction is in unfavorable aspect, the relatives are objects of scandal.

6. Jupiter and Mercury in conjunction make the natives powerful, outstanding in counsel and oratory, trained in all fields of learning, and the objects of general admiration. They are particularly outstanding as orators for the fluency of their speech. Some because of their intelligence and learning will be in charge of royal letters and archives.

7. Jupiter and the Moon in the same sign indicate the greatest good fortune, especially if they are in the same degree. For then they bestow infinite riches and such marks of prosperity that the natives are always supesuperior to their parents. But if it is a nocturnal chart, and the Moon holds more degrees than Jupiter, this whole forecast is weakened and the good fortune lessened.

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