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8. Thus Taurus toward Leo and again Leo toward Taurus; Aries toward Virgo and again Virgo toward Aries; Pisces toward Libra and again Libra toward Pisces; Scorpio toward Aquarius and again Aquarius toward Scorpio; Sagittarius toward Capricorn and again Capricorn toward > Sagittarius.

9. Thus if, in, computing the chart, some of the planets are not in aspect, it must be asked whether they are connected to each other through the relationshipof the antiscia. For when they send an antiscium in such a way that they are in aspect through the antiscium, in trine, square, sex tile, or opposition, they portend just as if they were thus located in the normal arrangement, and all of these various influences fit together in the final calculation. When you do this you will easily be able to find out everything which is looked for in men's destinies. For there is a theory underlying the nature of the antiscia which is strengthened by universal agreement; this theory I shall take care to explain to you at another time.

10. How much the force of the antiscia counts and how effectively the theory of the antiscia works you will be able to learn from this nativity46 which we are about to give: this man had a chart with the Sun in Pisces, the Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces in the same degree as the Sun, Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Aquarius in the same degree as Mars, the ascendant in Scorpio. The father of this native after two consecutive consulships was sent into exile, but the native himself was exiled for the crime of adultery and suddenly brought back from exile, was first chosen for the administration of Campania, then the consulship of Achaia, but afterwards was made proconsul of Africa and Prefect of Rome.

11. Any man not knowing the theory of the antiscia, if he saw the Sun with Jupiter in the same degree in the fifth house from the ascendant— that is, in the house of Bona Fortuna—-would have foretold a father fortunate, prosperous, powerful, and so on, and the same thing for the native himself. Concerning his exile and .the constant plots against him he would have been able to foretell nothing.unless he turned his attention to the theory of antiscia.

Diagram IX. Chart of Albinus, I.

12. You remember that we said that Pisces sends an antiscium toward Libra and Libra again toward Pisces. And so the Sun and Jupiter, located together in Pisces, send an antiscium toward Libra, in this sign in which it is out of dignity and debilitated and in the twelfth house of the nativity, that is, the cacodaemon; this shows a humble origin of the father's family and for the father himself a scandalous exile. But Jupiter, whose force and power the influence of the antiscium transferred from the sign of Pisces to the sign of Libra, located in the twelfth house, that is, of the cacodaemon, through the antiscium excited a great many enemies against the father, and against the native himself, and made them win.

13. Consider another thing which indicated exile for the father. Saturn, located in Virgo, was in opposition to the Sun, and received the Sun's antiscium from the opposition; for, located in Virgo, he sent an antiscium toward Aries. This antiscium, located in Aries, and the antiscium of the Sun, which was sent against Libra, were thus brought into opposition to each other, and brought it about that he was sent into exile because the antiscia of Saturn and the Sun were in opposition to each other.

14. As to why the native himself became an exile and why he became an adulterer (this was the crime of which he was accused), that is shown by this calculation. We have said that Cancer sent an antiscium toward Gemini. Therefore the Moon, located in Cancer, sent an antiscium toward Gemini, and that antiscium Mars, located in Aquarius, received from the right side; and Mars is malefic whenever he receives light from the waxing Moon, from either side. This man, first afflicted with many bodily infirmities, was later made an exile.

15. But Mars himself, located in Aquarius, sent an antiscium toward Scorpio, which is the sign in which the ascendant was located. First located in the Imum Caelum, he attacked the degree of Life, that is, of the ascendant, with violently hostile influence. Then he received the antiscium of the Moon, located in Gemini in full trine aspect; thirdly, his antiscium settled on the degree of the ascendant. Fourthly, this antiscium of Mars, which had been sent toward the ascendant, was aspected in trine to the Moon, located in Cancer.

16. And so the waxing Moon, attacked from all sides by the many influences of Mars, made this man, weakened in body, finally an exile. And if Jupiter, located in Pisces, had not been aspected in trine to the ascendant, he would never have been freed from his exile; and if he had not been aspected in trine to the Moon in his exaltation (for the exaltation of Jupiter is in Cancer), the native would have died a violent death. We have however, described how the benevolence of Jupiter fails in this way in the first degrees because of this reason, that on the third day the Moon, located in Leo, when in fullness of light, sets herself up in opposition to Mars. For this day, that is, the third, is very important in the nativity.

17. But what configuration caused that man to become an adulterer, this also I shall explain: Mars, located in Aquarius, sent an antiscium

Diagram X.

Chart of Albinus, II. (Pisces sends an antiscium toward Libra, and vice versa.)

Astrology Terms

Diagram XI. Chart of Albinus, III. (Cancer sends an antiscium toward Gemini.)

Astrology Terms

Diagram XII. Chart of Albin us, IV. (Mars »ends,an antiscium toward Scorpio.)

toward Scorpio; thus the antiscium of Mars found Venus located on the descendant in the chart; for Venus is unfavorable and indicates many calamities if in declination, located in the descendant, she is afflicted by a hostile aspect from Mars. And again, the antiscium of Venus, sent toward Leo, was in opposition to Mars, located on the Imum Caelum in Aquarius; and from the Imum Caelum Mars, without counting the antiscium, was related to Venus in square aspect. In all these ways, therefore, through themselves and through their antiscia on the chief cardinal points of the nativity, Venus and Mars, either in opposition or in square, attacked each other with hostile aspect. This configuration caused the native to be accused of adultery.

18. But Mercury, located in Aquarius, without aspect to Jupiter, was located in the sign of Saturn, and Saturn in the sign of Mercury—their signs are in mutual reception —and this made the native knowledgeable of arcane literature. But because Venus sent an antiscium toward Leo from Taurus, that is, toward the house of the Sun, and on the Medium Caelum, for those crimes she caused the Emperor to pass sentence on him.

19. The full Moon, located in her sign in the ninth house, decreed the greatest honors for him, especially since she has the first place in decreeing honors in a nocturnal chart according to the power of her condition. Such learning and knowledge are also decreed by Mercury and Saturn when their signs are interchanged, so that his eloquence and oratorical style can be compared to that of ancient writers.

20. Whose chart this is, my dear Lollianus, you know very well. Putting all these things together you will discover how much force there is in the antiscia. If anyone follows up this topic with careful study the trend of his forecast will never fail him while he is studying the fate of men.

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