1. Now all the effects of the Moon's swift course must be set forth so that we may appear to have explained everything both in general and in detail.

2. The Moon in aspect to Saturn makes unfortunate parents; to Mars she indicates low birth for both parents and misfortune for the father. If she is moving from Mars to Saturn so that she is between the two, she indicates the affliction of the sacred illness. But if she is moving from Saturn to Mars, she indicates the same, but moderately. She predicts that affliction for a woman if Saturn is in aspect. She makes madmen if she approaches Mars or Saturn in any shape, if Venus and Jupiter are not in aspect. If Venus and Jupiter are in aspect all the misfortunes described above are lessened.

3. The native will be fortunate and more than fortunate with all kinds of good luck and honor if the Moon is in signs in which she rejoices, without unfavorable aspect of Mars or Saturn, but in aspect to either Venus or Jupiter. The Moon rejoices on the ascendant or in the fifth or eleventh house if in aspect to Venus or Jupiter. Also in the eighth house in a nocturnal chart and in signs in which she rejoices, with aspect of Venus and Jupiter, she indicates the greatest good fortune.

4. Whatever house you wish to study in the chart, whether of character, nurture, birth, parents, brother, marriage, offspring, or last day of life, carefully observe the course, aspects, and waxing and waning of the Moon and her elongation63 and her exaltation.

5. We must beware in every chart that the Sun does not come into aspect with the approaching Moon. For, after receding from opposition to the Sun, she feels her light waning as she hastens to the synodic position; in whatever shape she is she indicates destruction for everyone, according to her form. For if her influence is strong she indicates great evils and misfortunes; if her influence is moderate the misfortunes are lessened.

6. If she approaches the Sun when waning and, attaching herself to his orb, disappears from human sight, then she indicates more powerful evils and all kinds of calamities, according to the forecasts which we described in the preceding part of this book.

7. But if, freed from conjunction with the Sun, she approaches Saturn, this indicates great good and prosperity. But if she joins herself to Jupiter in a similar way, good fortune beyond all measure is predicted. The native who has this occurrence in his chart will be fortunate beyond measure.

8. If she is found with Mars, as we said, she indicates ill fortune and, according to the nature of the signs, a violent death. But these evils are lessened if Mars is in a feminine sign. If the Moon is in aspect to Venus on the MC or the IMC, she indicates a fortunate marriage, especially if there is no aspect of Mars. But if she is in aspect to Venus in other signs, the prediction is for a good life but marriage with a relative.

9. If Mars is in aspect, he indicates illicit love affairs and unhappy passions. If the Moon is in aspect to Mercury, this indicates infinite vices and unheard-of evils. Therefore we must pray that the Moon should not be in aspect to Mercury.

10. If the waning Moon by night comes into aspect with Saturn while he is retrograde or stationary, great calamities follow. According to the nature of the signs and the power of the houses a violent death is predicted. Saturn in a feminine sign mitigates these evils somewhat.

11. If the Moon comes into aspect with Jupiter by night, the native will have an abundance of good things. Also with Mars the prediction is for great good fortune. The fortune will be greater if Mars is in a straight course (not retrograde). Predictions will be for a good marriage if she comes into aspect with Venus on the MC, or in the fifth or the eleventh house, or on the ascendant, if Saturn is not in any aspect. The fortune will be even better if Venus is retrograde from the important houses. Then she will not be harmful but may make many consumptive. Good predictions are stronger in a nocturnal chart, but indications of evil stronger in a diurnal.

12. Now that we have carefully explained the course of the Moon, let us turn to the discussion we promised in this work, namely, the explanation of Fortune. We cannot explain the essence of Fate unless that place is carefully investigated. We must consider the Part of Fortune with as much care as all the other points in the chart; I shall point out easily how it is discovered. When you find it, observe the combinations and aspects of all the planets and then you will be able to understand the uses of the Part of Fortune.

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