1. The full Moon moving from Mercury toward Saturn by day makes the natives either stammerers, deaf, or impeded in speech. They will be occupied either in keeping accounts, in teaching, or business affairs, travelling, or in interpretation of words; they always study heavenly secrets. Some gain their living from the care of water works or prisons.

2. But if the full Moon moves away from Mercury toward Saturn by night, the natives will have laborious occupations around water as laborers who hire out their bodies, carrying loads on their back or shoulders. Some end in prison, condemned by the court, and die in squalor, unkempt of hair and deformed, especially if malefic planets are in aspect to this combination.

3. But if the waning Moon is moving from Mercury toward Saturn, the result is ragged paupers sunk in direst need. Others serve in temples or prophesy. Many are madmen, suffering sacred illnesses; or they are epileptics or have pitiable convulsions.

4. By night the waning Moon moving from Mercury toward Saturn makes the natives exposed; or they will be unfortunate slaves or captives. They will also be afflicted or ill, and in early life condemned on some charge. If none of these is the case they suffer a violent death.

5. The Moon moving from Mercury toward Jupiter will make the natives great and powerful, entrusted with papers and secrets of emperors; or faithful managers of royal treasures. Many become teachers or messengers of kings, but also sometimes temple attendants, prophets, or priests. All these gain great wealth and honors from their occupations.

6. But if the waning Moon is moving from Mercury toward Jupiter, they will be keepers of public records or recorders of loans and interest, agents of the government or of the privy purse, or judges in private law cases. From these occupations they will gain great wealth and honors. Some will receive an inheritance; others discover hidden treasure. Still others are entrusted with others' money and keep it without taint of fraud, so that they gain great fame.

7. The full or waxing Moon moving from Mercury toward Mars in a diurnal chart makes the natives sacrilegious, perjurers or forgers. Or they will be burglars, thieves, pillagers of temples, or bandits and killers. They will be caught in these crimes, thrown into prison, and suffer a violent death for these crimes.

8. But in a nocturnal chart they will be generals or military tribunes, fearsome tyrants, or rulers of states. They never continue their position but always make mistakes in using their power. Some become fugitives, others will go into exile, still others will die a violent death, especially if Mars and the Moon are found in important houses in the chart.

9. But if this happens in dejected houses, the crime of parricide is indicated. For then the natives murder their sons, brothers, or parents in monstrous greed and fury; or they strangle relatives or defile their marriage couch with blood of a slaughtered wife. In every way they rage with homicidal madness. But these events vary according to the difference of the signs and houses. Their death will always be violent or a public execution: it will be incurred because of slaves or condemned men or prisoners.

10. The waning Moon moving from Mercury toward Mars by day will make the natives forgers, evil-doers, or house-breakers; or thieves and familiars or receivers of robbers. For these crimes they are imprisoned and condemned by a harsh sentence. Some become public executioners or legal scribes; or men in high office or their assistants; or sometimes prison guards.

11. The waning Moon moving from Mercury toward Mars in a nocturnal chart produces soldiers, arms-keepers, or athletes in contests. They will be successful, well-known, and inspire fear.

12. But if this combination occurs while Mars or the Moon are on the ascendant or in the fifth house, the prediction is for a violent death. In other houses afflictions, illnesses, and dangers are indicated and laborious occupations involving wakefulness and violence. But all this varies according to the difference of the signs.

13. If Mars is in a mutable or tropical sign, when the Moon is moving away from the Sun, or Mercury is in the signs of malefic planets or moving toward Mars in opposition or square aspect, or if she is near him and in aspect, this will make furriers, leather-workers, shoemakers, cooks, brass workers; all of these using iron and fire. But if this combination is in the sign of Venus, this will make linen workers, dyers, plasterers, or tavernkeepers. In the houses of Mars or Mercury it makes lovers of arms and of the gymnasium or managers of public business, and in the house of

Jupiter, tribunes or generals in charge of great legions, or officers of states or provinces.

14. If this combination is in the house of Saturn, wretched and criminal occupations are predicted; for it will make torturers, executioners, informers, hunters of wild beasts, or snake-charmers who hunt serpents. Some will be masters of wild animals, fishermen, or bird-catchers. Some laboriously raise water from deep wells or work in the wilderness or in gardens. They may be ship-owners, sailors, sea-captains, builders, stonecutters, corpse-washers, or undertakers. For in this combination with Mars the forecasts are of many different kinds.

15. Those who have the Moon moving from Mercury toward the Sun will be retarded in mind, impeded in speech, or deaf. They will be wretched paupers, wanderers, or travellers, who never have a settled home. But these misfortunes are lessened over a period of time and after early youth they acquire some protection in life from various occupations.

16. The full Moon moving from Mercury toward Venus in a nocturnal chart indicates high position, famous activities, and great good fortune. Some she makes fluent orators, others poets, endowed with divine gift of song. Or they will be in service to the gods or to emperors, with great honor. From the recommendation of women or in certain female occupations they will gain power and fortune because of their grace and charm.

17. But the full Moon in this situation makes discoverers of paints or colors or medicines, or workers in precious stones; or they work with their own skill on costly tunics; play the organ or act in pantomimes. Some are trained in dancing or singing. But they never have great opportunities and live a mediocre life, oppressed by need. In the course of time their prospects improve. They are always involved in some kind of sexual activity or vices and from this become objects of scandal.

18. But if the Moon by night is waning, the natives are rich, powerful, great rulers, governors of states or regions, especially if the Moon is free of the Sun's influence and found on the ascendant. This is also true if Venus in the same way is free of the Sun's influence, in the house we mentioned, and in the path of the approaching Moon. If this combination occurs in other houses, the natives will be respected, will carry on important affairs, and seek their livelihood through their own efforts.

19. If the waning Moon by day is moving toward Venus on the MC or in the tenth house, victory in sacred contests is indicated. The natives will be builders of temples or consecrators of shrines, or they will be temple attendants or chief priests, with important duties.

20. This combination in other houses makes natives of mediocre talents working in metal. Or they may be furriers, perfumers, or polishers of precious stones, or those who paint gems with different colors; or sculptors or image makers, or temple musicians. Some study heavenly lore and know the secrets of the skies. They easily learn hidden and secret lore and make their living from this.

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