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1. If in a nocturnal chart the waxing Moon, moving away from Jupiter, is carried toward Mars, great power is predicted: control of great states and regions. But it also indicates anxieties and dangers. The natives will not be free from afflictions and illnesses but will be the type who endure these things easily, especially if Mars is found in important houses of the chart. But if Mars is in dejected houses, this indicates skills pertaining to fire. The natives themselves are low-class and humble; suffer illnesses and afflictions and often an evil death.

2. But if the waxing Moon is moving away from Jupiter toward Mars by day, the natives will be exposed, be slaves, or wretched beggars. They will suffer illness and afflictions, slavery which is like captivity, and lose their life in a violent death.

3. If it is a nocturnal chart, the natives will be famous and important. Mars found in important houses will make leaders or judges entrusted with the highest power. But Mars in dejected houses will make soldiers or athletes who make a living for themselves by fire or sword; or he will make physicians or surgeons.

4. The waning Moon in this situation wastes paternal and maternal inheritance, destroys the parents when the native is young, and imposes the burden of extreme beggary. Some suffer bitter pain; some become slaves, sometimes captives, often dying a violent death, especially if Mars is on one of the angles or its anafora or catafora. For then the effects we have described will be much stronger.

5. Loss of paternal and maternal inheritance is also indicated by the Moon moving from Jupiter toward the Sun. The natives are also estranged from parents and sent on longjourneys. Some are exiles, others fugitives; some slaves or disgraced captives, especially if the Sun or the Moon is found in the house of Saturn or Mars.

6. If the waxing or full Moon is moving away from Jupiter toward Venus, the parents will have great position and power; but the native will be estranged from them or early become an orphan; nevertheless, for him power, fame, and high position are indicated, but all over a period of time. Great good fortune also is gained through wives. These men are handsome, pleasing, and charming, and obtain power through their grace and charm.

7. The waning Moon moving from Jupiter toward Venus, in important houses, indicates infinite good and increasing fortune. For it indicates high positions, powers, consular rank, and great positions of power handed down from the parents and obtained in early life; also great riches and good fortune from wives and other women.

8. The full Moon moving from Jupiter toward Mercury makes judges of good counsel, respectable, kingly, famous; they may also be managers of the privy purse, chiefs of religious rites, or interpreters of law. From these occupations they obtain great riches and their good fortune continues throughout their lives.

9. But if the Moon is waning in this situation, the natives seek their livelihood from literature, from teaching, business, or from granaries.

Some obtain some kind of inheritance; others make discoveries; others refuse to return what has been entrusted to them so that from this treachery they lay the foundation for a fortune.

10. If the waxing or full Moon moves from Jupiter toward Saturn, the natives will be adopted by strangers or be themselves the fathers of alien children, or tutors or guardians of minors. Some are forced to find their exposed children after a period of time. They will be involved in humid or watery occupations, be constantly wandering on journeys, or gain a livelihood from commerce.

11. But if the Moon is waning in this situation, the natives will be exposed or slaves; or they will endure miserable captivity, illnesses, or other afflictions so that their whole life is consumed in the bitterness of pain and they suffer an early and wretched death. In a nocturnal chart they meet a violent death.

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