The Meaning Of The Twelve Houses

1. We must now explain in detail the meaning of the twelve houses, beginning with the ascendant, so that, when everything is described in order, all confusion will be cleared up.

2. The first house is the place in which the ascendant is located. In this house is to be found the life and vital spirit of men; from this house the basic character of the entire nativity is determined. This house, from the point of the chart in which the ascendant is, radiates its influence through the following thirty degrees. It is also the first cardinal point (angle) and the cornerstone and basis of the whole nativity.

3. The second house from the ascendant is located in the second sign, begins from the thirtieth degree from the ascendant, and extends its influence through the next thirty degrees. This house shows increase in personal hopes and in material possessions. But it is a passive house and not aspected to the ascendant. Therefore it is called the Gate of Hell, because it is not in any way aspected to the ascendant.

4. The third house, which is the third sign from the ascendant, begins at the 60th degree from the ascendant and stops at the 90th. From this house we will predict everything that concerns brothers and friends. Dea is the name of this house; but it is also the house of travelers. This is the first of the houses to be joined to the ascendant by a weak aspect. It can be seen to look back at the ascendant in sextile aspect.

5. The fourth house from the ascendant, that is, the Imum Caelum, is located in the fourth house from the ascendant which begins at the 90th degree and reaches the 120th. This house shows us family property, substance, possessions, household goods, anything that pertains to hidden and recovered wealth. This is also a cardinal point of the nativity, in that it is called Imum Caelum which is in opposition to the Medium Caelum. This house is in very powerful aspect to the ascendant because it influences the ascendant in square aspect and is influenced by it in square.

6. The fifth house is located in the fifth house from the ascendant and

Liber Secundus Diagram VI. The Twelve Houses.

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begins at the 121st degree from the ascendant and reaches the 150th. From this house is discovered the number of children and their sex. It is called Bona Fortuna because it is the house of Venus. This house also has a powerful aspect with the ascendant and sometimes the Medium, Caelum is located in opposition to this house. The house is aspected very powerfully to the ascendant, namely, in trine.

7. The sixth house is located in the sixth house from the ascendant at the 150th degree from the ascendant, and extends to the 180th. In this house we find the cause of physical infirmities and sickness. This house is called Mala Fortuna because it is the house of Mars. This is also a passive house because it is not aspected to the ascendant. But sometimes the unfavorable influence is removed from this house if a planet in this house is in favorable aspect to another planet in the tenth house from the ascendant.

8. The seventh house, located in the seventh house from the ascendant, begins at the 180th degree from the ascendant, reaches to the 210th, and stops there. Its beginning is located in the 180th degree. In this house is another cardinal point of the nativity. We call it descendant or setting but the Greeks, as we have said above, call itZtysw. This cardinal point is opposite the cardinal point of the ascendant. From this house we shall inquire as to the nature and number of marriages. But this house is aspected most detrimentally to the ascendant for it is in opposition.

9. The eighth house is located in the eighth house from the ascendant. It starts from the 210th degree, extends to the 240th, and stops there. This house is called Epicatafora. It is, however, a passive house, since it is not in aspect to the ascendant. From this house is discovered the kind of death. But it is necessary for us to know that no planet rejoices in this house except the Moon, and then only in nocturnal charts. If the waxing Moon is found in this house in a nocturnal chart, and if she is not in aspect to any unfavorable planets, and if Jupiter is in trine or sextile aspect to her in her own sign or in the sign of Venus or Mercury or Jupiter, or in the terms of any of these planets, this portends the greatest good fortune and riches beyond measure, great glory of material power and outstanding recognition in worldly position.

10. The ninth house is located in the ninth sign from the ascendant. The length of this is from the 240th degree and it reaches to the 270th. It is also the house of the Sun God. In this house we find the social class of men. It also has to do with religion and foreign travel. This house is importantly aspected to the ascendant in trine aspect.

11. The tenth house is located in the tenth sign from the ascendant. It begins from the 270th degree and reaches to the 300th, and stops there. This place is the first in importance and has the greatest influence of all on the angles. This house we call the Medium Caelum, and the Greeks the Mesuranima, for it is located in the middle part of the universe. In this house we find life and vital spirit, all our actions, country, home, all our dealings with others, professional careers, and whatever our choice of career brings us. From this house we easily see the infirmities of the mind. The influence of this house is aspected to the ascendant very powerfully, for it can be seen to be in square aspect to the ascendant.

12. The eleventh house is located in the eleventh house from the ascendant. This house startsatthe 300th degree and extends to the 330th. It is called the Bonus Daemon or Bonus Genius, by the Greeks Agathos Daemon. The Medium Caelum is often found in exact conjunction with this house. It is, furthermore, the house of Jupiter, and not indifferently aspected to the ascendant; it can be seen to be in sextile aspect.

13. The twelfth house is constituted in the twelfth house from the ascendant. Starting from the 330th degree it extends to the 360th. This house the Greeks call Cacos Daemon; we call it Malus Daemon. From this house is easily determined the nature of enemies and the character of slaves. Also we find defects and illnesses in this house. But it is a passive house because it is not aspected to the ascendant. It is, moreover, the house of Saturn. The Sun gives definite information about the father in the nativities of both men and women, the Moon about the mother, Venus about the wife, Mars about the husband.

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