The Conditions Of The Planets

1. Now that we have described the terms, we must explain which stars rejoice by day and which by night, and whose condition they follow.

2. The ones which rejoice by day are: the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. Thus Jupiter and Saturn follow the condition of the Sun. Therefore, in diurnal charts, if they are in favorable positions, they indicate good fortune. Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the Moon rejoice by night. Therefore Venus, Mars, and Mercury follow the condition of the Moon. Favorably located in a nocturnal chart they indicate good fortune, unfavorably in a diurnal chart, the greatest evils.

3. If Venus and Mars aspect the waning Moon in a nocturnal chart, the waning Moon indicates all kinds of prosperity and good fortune. But if a full or waxing Moon comes into aspect with Venus or Mars, it brings about the greatest catastrophes and stirs up enormous ill fortune. Venus is adverse to the waxing Moon because they conflict with each other.

4. Let it suffice to have stated these things briefly in this book dealing only with the basic principles. Everything about the Moon as well as about the other planets will be set forth most fully in the following books.

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