Mercury And Mars

1. If Mercury and Mars are found together on the degree of the ascendant in a diurnal chart, they will make the natives spit up blood or suffer from stomach trouble. They are short-lived and unlucky. They will be condemned either from some experience with women or from illicit loves or secret writings or forgery. This may lead to a violent death.

2. Together on the ascendant by night these two planets make men in charge of great religions, generals, heralds, or guards, and followers of emperors; or great administrators to whom the outcome of battles brings great good fortune. By night if Saturn is in opposition or square aspect they are involved in dangers and are often cheated. They are hindered in all their activities, for Saturn in this position makes men inert, without skills, weighed down by every burden of misfortune.

3. Mercury and Mars in the second house in a diurnal chart will make the natives exposed,56 or, if they are nursed, makes them fugitives in some way; they will frequently be exiles, sometimes captives, and often stripped of possessions by proscription. Some are involved in serious illnesses or afflictions. Others die a violent death if Mercury and Mars are in aspect to the full Moon. But if the planets are found in this house by night, the natives are timid, malicious, obscure, of evil mind, not bold, easily cheated in all their dealings. But their occupations are varied. They will be either publicans, tax collectors, or spies. Some become insane.

4. Those who have Mercury with Mars in the third house make their living from fire or occupations concerned with iron. They will be able to predict the future, spend much time in temples. But they are fearsome to others in everything they do, even if they know nothing and do nothing. In the course of time their fortune increases.

5. Mercury with Mars in the fourth house, that is, on the IMC, will make the natives sluggish and humble in all occupations and fortune. They are involved in constant hostilities either with parents or relatives, or make great plots against their relatives. They will be professional witnesses and from this occupation will incur many dangers and finally arrive at poverty and humiliation. When this happens to them they will become leaders or followers in illegal practices or as accessories be caught and sentenced by the court. Some who are involved in these calamities are oppressed by long-drawn attacks of illness, especially if Mars and Mercury in this house are in opposition or square aspect to the Moon. But if the Moon is with Mars and Mercury in this house by night, the natives will be tribunes, generals, powerful administrators, but will perish in a violent death.

6. Those who have Mercury with Mars in the fifth house will be brave and manly, unconquered athletes in all contests. They will live in various pleasant places and get a living from public funds or the privy purse. In all contests they will be superior to and feared by their adversaries.

7. Mercury and Mars together in the sixth and twelfth houses indicate the same things in a similar way. By day in this house they indicate afflictions and illnesses. The natives will be arrested, will be familiar with prisons, and will be condemned by some kind of sentence; or they are sought after and indicted on false charges. Slaves or servile men are brought as witnesses against them, and they perish under great torture with violence and atrocity, especially if Mercury and Mars are in aspect to the Moon in any way.

8. But if Mercury and Mars are found by night in the sixth or twelfth houses, the natives will be involved in debts and interest payments to usurers. They will have violent emotions and be cheated by embezzlers; be sluggish in all occupations and suffer serious accusations and ill will from slaves or on account of slaves. Some are crucifiers of slaves or wear out their own slaves by famine, torture, disease, or constant toil. They never continue in one occupation but are constantly changing from one to the other.

9. Mercury together with Mars in the seventh house, that is, the descendant, by day compels the natives to kill their women or wives with their own hands, or they kill themselves or another because of a woman or because of monstrous desires in love. They will be imprisoned and condemned for some such crime.

10. In general, those who have Mercury together with Mars in this house become involved in death or homicide, according to the nature and quality of the signs. They become rioters, bandits, assassins, pirates, or the like and, apprehended for these crimes, are punished with a severe sentence.

11. If it is a nocturnal chart, they will be cheated by unjust acts of a woman, or be married to a shrew and have children from her, or be always involved in important afflictions.

12. Those who have Mercury with Mars in the eighth house are never able to attain their desires, are always in danger, and lose altogether their whole inheritance. Some will be insane and raving, others are thrown into prison, condemned, and often meet a violent death.

13. If it is a nocturnal chart the natives make some kind of a living from evil skills and practices; day by day they grow more wicked. They will be thieves, housebreakers, or steal what was entrusted to them on credit; or they are planners or executors of wicked crimes. Mercury together with Mars produces torturers, executioners, betrayers of their own people; they make much gain from these activities but they suffer a violent death with severe torments, or they die from insanity.

14. Mercury together with Mars in the ninth house makes impious, unjust perjurers; but even with that defect they become servants of the gods. But also they despoil and strip the gods they serve and prey on temple gifts. Mercury and Mars indicate these things especially if they are far from the influence of the Sun or if, on the other hand, they are in the terms or the house of the Sun. The effects will be stronger if the full Moon is in opposition or square aspect.

15. The natives are wretched and unsuccessful if they have Mercury and Mars in the tenth house. They will take delight in constant sea voyages and will be fond of gymnasiums. They sell their lives for the sake of some vice to powerful men or kings. The kind of vice they practice will be in accordance with the nature of the signs.

16. Mercury together with Mars always locates the native in public business, administration, or public professions, but they never remain long in these professions. They are either arrested, accused, and sentenced, or oppressed by false accusations. From such misfortunes their possessions are so dissipated that they are at the mercy of usurers.

17. If Jupiter is in any aspect to Mars and Mercury in this house or if he is found together with them, the natives will be great in all activities and occupations. They are in charge of important affairs and in a similar way lose their income and seek another. If Venus is in any aspect or is found with Mercury and Mars, she makes managers for emperors in charge of the public revenues or the privy purse; they are logical reasoners, accustomed to handle important affairs.

18. Mercury with Mars indicates many different kinds of occupations and administrative posts. If the planets are located in the house of Mercury or in his terms, the natives are fond of the gymnasium or are athletes in public games. In the signs or terms of Mars they become fighters, lovers of arms, soldiers, hunters, caretakers of wild beasts, heralds or couriers of kings. But if Mercury and Mars are in the house or terms of Venus they become linen-workers, weavers of tunics, craftsmen with feathers, dyers, perfumers, or jewelers. But in the house of Jupiter or his terms they make the natives tribunes in charge of regions or states; in the house of Saturn or his terms they involve the natives in wicked crimes and evil occupations; they become torturers, executioners, butchers, informers, betrayers of their own people. But if Mars and Mercury are in the house of the Sun or Moon, the natives will be metal-workers, sculptors in brass or iron, manufacturers of leather hides, making their living from fire and iron. The change of signs indicates professions of this varied kind.

19. Those who have Mercury with Mars in the eleventh house always perish in battle. They are lovers of the gymnasium, others of arms, but all are brave in counsel and attain great success.

20. Mercury with Mars in the twelfth house has the same meaning as in the sixth.

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