Forecasting The Length Of Life

1. Now we must explain the following subject: which stars portend how many hours, months, years of lifeā€”more if the stars are well located, fewer if badly situated.

2. When you look carefully at the Giver of Life, that is, the ruler of the chart, and you see in what house it is located, and in what kind of a sign, and in what degrees, and you also consider the ruler of the sign in which the Life-Giver is situated, in what sign and in what house and in what degree it is, and to what extent the Giver of Life and the benefic planets are aspected to the Sun and Moon, you will easily be able to delineate the whole character of this life. For, if the Life-Giver is situated in a good house, in a good sign and in good degrees, a healthy number of years is portended, especially if Jupiter in a diurnal nativity, or Venus in a nocturnal nativity, is in favorable aspect to the Giver of Life.

3. If Saturn is the Giver of Life and is favorable, he decrees 57 years; but if he portends evil he decrees 30 years, or 30 months and 12 hours.

4. If Jupiter is the Giver of Life and is favorable, he decrees 79 years, but if unfavorable 12 years, or 12 months and 12 days and 12 hours.

5. If Mars is the Life-Giver and is favorable, he portends 63 years; if unfavorable 15 years, or 15 months, 15 days, and 12 hours.

6. If the Sun is favorable he decrees 120 years; if unfavorable 18 years; if moderate 45 years.

7. Venus, if she decrees favorably, 84 years; if unfavorably 8 years, 8 days, 12 hours.

8. Mercury, if he decrees favorably, 108 years; if moderately 79 years; if unfavorably 20 years, or 29 months, 20 days, 20 hours.

9. If the Moon decrees favorably, 84 years; if unfavorably 25 years.

10. If the Ruler of Life or the Giver of Life, that is the ruler of the nativity, is in his own house or in his own exaltation or in his own terms, and if planets in his own condition exert a favorable influence on him, that is, are favorably aspected to his position, and those stars themselves which influence him are well placed, then a larger number of years is portended. But they indicate an average age if the Giver of Life is in his own terms or in his sign or in his rising while the ascendant is in Libra.

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