3° Cusp of the Thirteenth Lunar Mansion: a critical degree; appendicitis.

8° Mixing and blending.

9° Homicidal tendencies.

10° Purifying, cleansing, refining, and reducing to simplest essence. A degree of theology.

10°22' 14°20 N (2) Zosma, Delta Leonis. (Saturn Venus) Egotistical, immoral; fearful of poisoning.

11° An astrological degree.

14° Degree of transformation and versatility (13° - 14°). 15° Exaltation of Mercury.

16° Cusp of Fourteenth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree,

Christian ministers; a degree of symbolism.

17° Degree of gliding or flowing.

2 0°30' 12° 16'N (2) Denebola, Beta Leonis, the Lion's Tail. (Saturn Venus - Mercury Uranus Mars) Said to bring honors and wealth, but leading eventually to disgrace; swift judgments; despair, regrets, misfortunes, through natural forces. If rising: good fortune, attended by dangers and anxieties, because of folly.

22° A military degree; said to rule appendicitis;


2 3°58' 50°55'N (Neb) Copula, 51m Canum Ven. (Moon Venus) Blindness, defective vision, hindrances and disappointments.

24° Degree of painting (24° - 26°). 25°____Cancer.

25°35' 17°34'S (4) Labrum, Delta Crateris. Associated with the Holy Grail. (Venus Mercury) Ideality, spiritual intelligence; salvation through fall from grace.

25°38' Mars-Neptune conj.: September 29, 1940.

2 6°2' 0°42'N (3^) Zavijava, Beta Virginis. (Mercury Mars) Combative, destructive, but beneficent; strength of character. Near to it was the Solar Eclipse of September 21, 1922, used by physicists in confirming the Einstein theory.

27° Diabetes.

2 7°48' 63°43' S (2^) Markeb, Kappa Argus. (Saturn Jupiter) Piety, educational work; voyages.

28° Solar Eclipse: August 21, 1941.

2 9°21'.Mars-Neptune conj.: September 16, 1942.

Degrees, Individual, Libra (accurate 1925; add 1° 5'for 2002 positions of fixed stars etc.)

(Abbreviations: nebr nebulae; cl, cluster; vr variable.)

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