0° Sensuous and passionate degree.

2°2' 48°59'N (3) Princeps, Delta Bootis. (Mercury Saturn) Profound and studious mind, adapted to research.

5°45' 0° 28'N (4) Khambalia, Lambda Virginis. (Mercury Mars) Changeable, unreliable, argumentative.

6° Occultist and leader; that which is slippery but soothing.

8° Cusp of Eighteenth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree.

10° Neurasthenia

10°46' 52°52'S (1) Acrux, Alpha Crucis. Brightest star in the Southern Cross. (Jupiter) Ceremonial, benevolent, mystic.

11°10' 44°20'N (2) Alphecca, Alpha Coronae Bor. (Venus Mercury -- Mars Mercury) Dignity; artistic sensibilities, inclined to poetry.

13°58' 0°20'N (3) South Scale, Alpha Librae. (Jupiter Mars -Mars Venus Saturn) Unforgiving, untruthful; ill-health.

15° The Center of Regeneration: the Eagle-point.

0 -1

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