Degrees Individual Aquarius accurate 1925 add 1 5for 2002 positions of fixed stars etc

(Abbreviations: nebr nebulae; cl, cluster; v, variable.) Aquarius.

0°9' 48°59'N (3) Albirco, Beta Cygni. (Venus Mercury) Beauty; a lovable disposition; resigned to Fate.

0°39' 29°18'N (1) Altair, Alpha Aquilae. (Mars Jupiter -Uranus Mercury sextile Sun) Bold, confident, unyielding, liberal, valiant; sudden, but ephemeral wealth; a position of command; danger from reptiles.

2°42' 6°58'N (4) Giedi, Alpha Capricorni; a multiple star, yellow, ash, lilac. (Venus Mars - Venus sextile Uranus - Venus Mercury) Beneficences; sacrifices; brings strange events into one's life.

2°56' 4°36'N (3) Dabih, Beta Capricorni. (Saturn Venus -Saturn Uranus Gemini Mercury) Suspicion and mistrust; success, but retirement under a cloud.

3°36' 0°54'N (5) Oculus, Pi Capricorni. (Saturn Venus) If conj. Mercury: a clever and penetrating mind.

4°3' 1°12'N (5) Bos, Rho Capricorni. (Saturn Venus) Similar to


5° Solar Eclipse: January 26, 1944.

8° Cusp of Twenty-fifth Lunar Mansion.

9° Executive; presidential.

10° The principle of things. 11°10'.Neptune South Node.

11°37' 2°59'S (5) Armus, Eta Capricorni. (Mars Mercury) Contemptible, nagging, contentious, unstable.

12° If Mars afflicted here: assassination.

12°43' 0°36'S (5) Dorsum, Theta Capricorni. (Saturn Jupiter) Bites from venomous creatures.

13° Degree of beauty; literature.

15°0'..The Center of Humanity, the angel point. Solar eclipse, February 5, 1943.

17° State of air and gases.

18° Explosiveness.

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