Certain Dignities specifically ascribed to Fortuna are

Conj., Cor Leonis 6

Asc. or Midheaven 5

Partile conj., Jupiter or Venus 5

Conj., Spica 5

Not Combust 5

In Taurus or Pisces 5

Besieged by Jupiter and Venus 6

In Cancer, Leo, Libra, or Sagittarius 4

4th, 7th, or 11th House 4

Partile trine, Venus or Jupiter 4

Partile conj., North Node 4

In Gemini 3

2nd or 5th House 3

Partile sextile, Jupiter or Venus 3

In Virgo 2

9th House 2

3rd House 1

In Term of Venus or Jupiter 1

The Debilities ascribed to Fortuna are:

Conj., Caput Algol 6

Besieged by Mars and Saturn 6

12th House 5

In Scorpio, Capricorn, or Aquarius 5

Combust 5

Partile conj., Mars or Saturn 5

6th or 8th House 4

Opposition, Mars or Jupiter 4

Partile conj., South Node 4

In Aries 3

Partile square, Mars or Saturn 3

Term of Mars or Saturn 1

The totals of the Dignities in comparison to the totals of the Debilities affords a determination of the potential strength of the planet.

According to the strength each assumes in a nativity, will its power to activate become manifest:





















Dignities and Debilities, contd. (Part Two of this article).

A fixed star is in conjunction with a planet when not more distant than 5° of longitude and 2° of latitude.

Of Dignities Calvin in "Scientific Astrology" says:- "A planet in its own Sign, unless retrograde or seriously afflicted by the malefics, is as one who is master of his own house and goods. In its Exaltation it is strong, but less so than were he his own master. In its Detriment it is weak, as one in his neighbor's house and not master thereof. In its Fall it is as one who is poverty-stricken and without power."

Of Mutual Reception he says: "When two planets are in each other's Signs, even though in evil aspect to one another, the effect is beneficial, as of people exchanging courteous social amenities."

As to Accidental Dignities, he says: "A planet is strong if it is in an angle of the Figure, swift in motion, direct, and overwhelmingly in good aspect with other planets."

As to retrograde motion he says: "It tends to bring out the introspective rather than the objective qualities of the native, and is generally synonymous with belated or denied benefits."

Another generalization based upon the Accidental Dignities of the Geocentric Figure stipulates that "When the Moon is higher than the Sun, the personality and sensibilities usually rule. With their positions reversed the character will dominate the career. If both are below the horizon, the life will be correspondingly unfortunate."

James Wilson expressed doubt concerning the efficacy of some of the dignities, and cited the Ptolemy dictum that "Planets are strong in the world when they are oriental, swift in motion, direct, and increasing in light; and strong in the Nativity when angular or succedant, particularly in the south or cast angles."

The following Table shows the Essential Dignities and Debilities:

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