0° A positive nature that creates its own destiny. Cusp of

First Lunar Mansion, a so-called Critical Degree.

1° Degree of the Surgeon; an organizer.

1°14', 20° 48'S (2) Diphda, Beta Ceti. A yellow star in the Whale's Tail. (Saturn - Mercury Mars) Sickness, misfortune, compulsory changes, self-destruction by brute force.

2° Degree of abscesses; literary and poetic.

3° Birds and aviators; collisions; goitre.

5° Unsatisfied ambitions.

7° Degree of life and death

7°51', 12° 36'N (3) Algenib. Gamma Pegasi. A white star at the top of the wing of Pegasus. (Mars Mercury)Notoriety, violence, the pro- fessional beggar.

8° Degree of courage; immorality.

9° Triumph; great generals

10° Spiritual triumph; scientific interests; a degree of electricity.

11° Spiritual intuitions.

12° Cusp of Second Lunar Mansion.

13° Degree of the Physician; of food and drink.

13°24' 25° 41'N (2) Alpheratz, alpha Andromedae. A double star, purple-hued white, in the hair of Andromeda; often called Andromeda's head. Its name, from Al Surrat al Faras, or The Horse's Navel, indicates it was formerly listed in the constellation Pegasus. (Jupiter Venus - Mars) Riches, horrors, independence and a keen intellect.

14° Degree of apoplexy or suicide.

15° Persuasive oratory; public life.

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