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25° Cusp of Third Lunar Mansion; exploration and discovery. 25°42' 5° 22' N (4) Al Pharg, Eta Piscium, associated with the

Greek Head of Typhon. A double star near the tail of the Northern Fish. (Saturn Jupiter) Determination, preparedness, and eventual success.

2 6° Degree of tuberculosis of the lungs; of opposition and strife; militant leaders. Great soldiers are found on this Aries- Libra axis.

26°43' 33° 21'N (Neb.) Vertex, 31m Andromedae, the great nebula N. of Andromeda's head. (Mars Moon) Eye weakness or blindness, violent death.

2 7° Tenacity of purpose; hair; Mars in this degree indicates red hair.

29°17' 25° 56'N (2) Mirach, Beta Andromedae. A yellow star in the Zona (girdle) of Andromeda. (Venus - Mars Moon) Beauty, love of home, brilliant mind, fortunate marriage, renowned for benevolence.

Degrees, Individual, Taurus (accurate 1925; add 1° 5'for 2002 positions of fixed stars etc.)

(Abbreviations: nebr nebulae; cl, cluster; v, variable.)

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