14°12' 61°44'N (1) Wega, Alpha Lyrae, a pale sapphire star in the lower part of the Lyre. (Venus Mercury - Jupiter trine Saturn in Part of Fortune) Beneficent, idealistic, hopeful, refined, changeable; grave, outwardly pretentious, but usually lascivious.

15° Fall of Jupiter. A degree of duty. 16° Degree of solid matter. 17° Intellectual and governmental.

18°41' 36°12'N (3) Deneb, Zeta Aquilae. (Mars Jupiter) Benevolent, liberal; ability to command; and a successful warrior.

19°34'.Pluto South Node. 21° A scholarly degree.

2 3° Governmental authority; music. 23°11'.Saturn South Node.

24°43' 5°25'S (6) Terebellum, Omega Sagittarii. (Venus Saturn) Cunning, mercenary; a fortune, with a guilty conscience and unsavory reputation.

25° Cusp of the Twenty-Fourth Lunar Mansion. 2 6° Land and farming. 2 7° Hair.

2 8° Exaltation of Mars. 2 9° Degree of collecting.

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