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Therapeutic astrology, or "astrotherapy," can be defined as the application of astrology to psychotherapy. More specifically, it is the attempt to integrate astrological principles with psychological concepts and practices, particularly as these relate to working with clients on an ongoing basis. As clinical psychology is concerned with the examination and treatment of patients, therapeutic astrology would be any form of treatment utilizing astrological precepts for the purpose of treating emotional and behavioral problems, removing or modifying existing symptoms, and promoting positive personality growth and fulfillment.

Just as there are many forms of psychotherapy, there are many forms of astrotherapy as well. Efforts have been made to integrate astrology with humanistic, Jungian, psychoanalytic, gestalt, psychosynthesis, object relations, and transpersonal therapies. There is, in short, no single form of astrotherapy. It is rather a general tool for fostering empathic understanding of the client's internal world.

Like an X ray of consciousness, a birth chart reveals the mental and emotional processes that constitute psychic structure. It assists the therapist in understanding the intrapsychic dynamics that underlay the presenting problem and so enables the therapist to better support the client's efforts at changing emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns. Because the language of astrology is symbolic, and thus without restricted meanings for its component variables, it can be translated into almost any psychological model or type of therapy.

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