Purva Phalguni

Purva Phalguni (the former red one or a fig tree) is one of the Nakshatras (lunar mansions) of Vedic astrology. This Nakshatra is symbolized by the front legs of a bed, and is

Claudius Ptolemy Family Tree
Late-medieval illustration showing the circular movements of the planets as theorized by Claudius Ptolemy. From George Purbach's Theoreticae Novae Planetarum, 1543. Reproduced by permission of Fortean Picture Library.

found from Leo 13°20' to 26°40'. This is another good sign for fierce acts, and individuals may find themselves unusually bright and physically active, yet maybe a bit reckless or vindictive. The deity Aryaman presides and the planet Venus rules this sign.

—Pramela Thiagesan

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