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Pandora is the name of two distinct celestial bodies: A moon of Saturn and an asteroid. Pandora, the recently discovered (1980) moon in the Saturnian system, is about 55 miles in diameter and orbits Saturn in less than two-thirds of a terrestrial day at an average distance of 88,200 miles. Pandora, asteroid 55 (the 55th asteroid to be discovered, on September 10, 1858), has an orbital period a bit longer than 4/i years, and it is almost 113 kilometers in diameter. Both celestial bodies were named after the mythological Greek woman who released the ills of humanity by opening a box that the gods had sent her but had forbidden her from unsealing. Only the asteroid has been investigated by astrologers.

Pandora is one of the more recent asteroids to be investigated by astrologers. Preliminary material on Pandora can be found in Demetra George and Douglas Bloch's Astrology for Yourself, and an ephemeris (table of celestial locations) for Pandora can be found in the second edition of George and Bloch's Asteroid Goddesses. Unlike the planets, which are associated with a wide range of phenomena, the smaller asteroids are said to represent a single principle. George and Bloch give Pandora's principle as "curiosity that initiates change." Zipporah Dobyns also associates Pandora with curiosity and has found it prominent in the charts of many astrologers. J. Lee Lehman sees the effect of Pandora as twofold: "to stir a person into doing something, and to produce unintended options of the person." Jacob Schwartz gives this asteroid's significance as "encountering unanticipated ramifications and options of a larger process, caught off-guard, curiosity initiating change."


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