Dur Mik Death Spot

Dur-Mik, or death spot, is not as strong as the name suggests. Still, it portends a bad year, and is calculated as follows:

For signs Tiger and Hare, use descending Parkha Khon.

For signs Horse and Snake, use descending Parkha Khen.

For signs Bird and Monkey, use descending Parkha Gin.

For signs Mouse, Pig, Ox, Sheep, Dog and Dragon, use descending Parkha Zon.

If the descending Parkha of the current year is any of the above for the particular signs, then those signs have a year that is Dur-Mik, which is not particularly good.

Mewa means "mole" or "birth mark," and the nine mewas stem from a system of numerology used for centuries by the Chinese. It indicates a karmic relation from life to life. There are nine mewas, and they are often arranged in a so-called magic square that gives totals of 15, whichever way they are totaled up.

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