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A boomerang is a configuration resembling a yod but involving a fourth planet directly opposed to the "action planet" at the tip of the yod. In a yod, two planets form a sextile (60°) aspect and both in turn form a quincunx (150°) aspect with a third planet. If lines were drawn to the center of the horoscope from all three planets, the resulting pattern would look like a capital Y. The planet at the bottom tip of the Y is said to be the action planet because its house placement is where the action takes place when the configuration is activated by a transit or a progression. The interpretation often given to a yod in a natal chart is that it indicates a life that proceeds along in a certain pattern for a period of time until the established pattern is abruptly interrupted and the native is forced to proceed in a new direction, though the new direction is one for which the person had actually been preparing for some time. A completely unanticipated promotion in one's chosen profession, for example, might be brought about by an activated yod configuration.

When a fourth planet is involved in a yod so that it forms an opposition (180°) aspect to the action planet and semisextile (30°) aspects to the remaining two planets, the resulting formation is called a boomerang, a designation coined by Joan

Bradley, Donald A. (Garth Allen)

McEvers. In a boomerang, the situation anticipated at the point of the action planet "boomerangs" when the configuration is activated. One example McEvers uses in her explanation of the boomerang is Ralph Waldo Emerson, who had such a configuration in his natal chart and who, when fortune placed the 26-year-old minister in the pulpit of Boston's Old North Church, found himself in a situation with which his nonconformist temperament had difficulty coping. He was eventually forced to leave the ministry. Thus, Emerson's opportunity "boomeranged."


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