Bacchus is asteroid 2,063 (the 2,063rd asteroid to be discovered, on April 24, 1977). It is approximately 1.2 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 1.1 years. Bacchus was named after the god of wine, the Roman equivalent of the Greek Dionysus. According to Mardia Lang-Wescott, Bacchus is related to addictive syndrome, particularly to the denial, substitution, and management of uncomfortable emotions. This asteroid's key word is "denial." According to ]. Lee Lehman, "Bacchus represents die way diat a person seeks ecstasy dirough direct experience or passion." Jacob Schwartz gives die astrological significance of this asteroid as "Ecstasy to encourage sensual excess and fertility; addictive personalities and behaviors and attempts to manage feelings dirough substitutions."

Bacchus is also one of the names given to the hypothetical planet that some astrologers assert is orbiting beyond Pluto.


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