The antivertex is the intersection of the ecliptic with the prime vertical in the east. (The intersection in the west forms the vertex. All horoscope angles—ascendant, midheaven, etc.—are formed by the intersections of great circles.) Some suggest interpreting the antivertex as an auxiliary ascendant—not as significant as the actual ascendant, but a secondary key to personal action and basic identity instincts. Planets closely (by three degrees) conjunct the antivertex are like conjunctions to ascendants. Planets closely conjunct the vertex are like planets conjunct the descendant—themes and issues met through interactions with other people (and may project onto other people who are likely to "overdo" those drives). Some authors have suggested a "fated" quality to the vertex, which probably is because people are not in charge with others, thus relationship issues often have a "fated" feeling. Sometimes in synastry (chart comparison) more contacts exist between committed couples involving the vertex/antivertex than the ascendant/descendant.

—Maritha Pottenger


Pottenger, Maritha. East Point and Antivertex. San Diego: ACS Publications, 1984.

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