Zodiacal Signs

To add in the astrological data, first find which geomantic figure has been allocated to House I (the Ascendant). Look in the Table of Zodiacal Correspondences in Appendix I and (using the column you have already elected to use as your own standard attribution) find the Zodiacal Sign attributed to this figure. Write this Sign in the First House. Then following the Houses round in order of number (i.e. anti-clockwise) write in the Zodiacal Signs in order. For example, if the Sign attributed to the First House was Pisces, then the Second House would receive Aries, the Third Taurus, the Fourth Gemini and so on round the Zodiac.

Returning to our example, look in the First House and you will see that it contains Cauda Draconis. Now although a chart with Cauda Draconis in the First House should not be used, let us continue for the moment with this just to illustrate the method. Look up Cauda Draconis in Appendix I (col. 2) and we find that Cauda Draconis =

Scorpio. Therefore place Scorpio in the First House. Now take the Signs in order, placing Sagittarius in the Second House, Capricorn in the Third House, and so on till we have filled in the whole chart.

Figure 20 Zodiacal attributions using Appendix I (col. 2)

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