Lay out the full fifteen figures as shown in Figure 16. Interpretation

Having gone through the mechanical generation of the fifteen figures of the geomantic spread, now comes the work of interpretation. Before we can determine the meaning of the chart we have to identify the name of each of the fifteen figures. On the chart each figure has been given its name. Observe particularly the figures that are in the Witnesses and Judge.

The Judge is Fortuna Minor which is grouped amongst the unfavourable figures by Bartholomew of Parma (chapter 5) as a general indication of its nature. In detail it means

Figure 16 Plan of a sample geomantic divination

'the lesser fortune, safeguard going out, external aid and protection', and is attributed to the Sun at night, that is the cold, hidden or vanquished Sun. This does not sound very promising for a marriage, so let us examine the Witnesses which contributed to the production of this Judge.

Left Witness This is Rubeus, which means 'red, reddish, redhead, passion, vice and fiery temper; it is a bad figure, and covers the traditionally evil associations of Scorpio. The violently sexual aspects of Scorpio are also implied.' Here we have considerable light thrown on the question. The nature of attraction is strong sexual desire of a violent kind rather than love.

Right Witness This is Laetitia which literally means 'joy, expressed and unrestrained' and its additional meanings include 'a pleasing appearance, beauty and grace'. Although it is a good figure it confirms beautifully what we now know, that it is basically sexual attraction at the root of the proposed marriage with no depth of feeling or long-lasting good fortune implied. This also explains how Fortuna Minor can be listed as a partly favourable figure, for here the sexual attraction and pleasure is pleasant, but does not bode well for the success of the marriage, which after all is what the question is about.

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