Xi X Ix Xiv Xv Xiii

(d) The generation of the lower eight figures from the four Mother figures takes place as follows:

(i) For convenience, the four vertical Mother figures are numbers I to IV.

(ii) The fifth figure is the horizontal row comprising the tops of columns I to IV. The sixth to eighth figures are manifested in the same way.

(iii) The ninth figure (Lalana) is formed by the addition together line by line of figures I and II (i.e. Tale and Harena). Thus:

(iv) Likewise the tenth figure (Asorotany) is formed by the addition of figures III and IV (Fahatelo and Vohitra).

(v)The eleventh figure (Nia) from figures V and VI (Zatovo and Marina).

(vi)The twelfth figure (Fahasivy) from figures VII and VIII (Vehivavy and Fahavalo).

(vii)The thirteenth figure (Mpanontany) from figures IX and X (Lalanaand Asorotany).

(viii)The fourteenth figure (Masina) from figures XI and

XII (Nia and Fahasivy).

(ix)The fifteenth figure (Andriamanitra) from figures

XIII and XIV (Mpanontany and Masina). This being the figure for God it stands as a sort of Judge for the whole question, determining amongst other things, the divination's right to survive or be wiped out without interpretation. It is also the central column of the bottom figures so far formed with three columns flanking it on either side.

(x) Finally the last and sixteenth figure (Trano) is formed from the first (Tale) and fifteenth (Andriamanitra) figure, thus uniting God and the querent in a last figure which stands to the right of all the others.

Generation could be summarized as follows:



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