The Aspects Of The Houses

It is traditional, but not very productive, to examine the aspects formed between the Ascendant and the other Houses, and sometimes also those formed in relation to the Significator found in the House of the question. Obviously the aspects are not the exact ones of conventional astrology, but whole Houses are considered in their aspect to each other. This means that if you consider the First House, it will be aspected by the Eleventh (as sextile), Tenth (as square) and Ninth (as trine) in a Dexter (i.e. clockwise) direction. It is also similarly aspected to the Third (sextile), Fourth (square) and Fifth (trine) in a Sinister (or anti-clockwise) direction. Additionally it is aspected by the Seventh House in opposition and the Second House in a sort of'conjunction' which in geomancy is always considered in an anti-clockwise direction in House pairs (First and Second, Third and Fourth, and so on).

This leaves exactly three Houses unaspected by the First House. It is for this reason that judging aspects geomant-ically is not exactly rewarding, but the details are given below nevertheless:

1. Trine ( A ) aspect is formed by the fifth House from and including the Significator in both directions (clockwise and anti-clockwise), thereby forming two trines. The dexter trine is stronger in effect than the sinister trine. The trine is a favourable aspect.

2. The Square ( □ ) aspect is formed by the fourth House from and including the Significator in both directions. Usually it is a bad aspect, representing a challenge of some sort, an obstacle that may or may not be overcome successfully, depending on the geomantic figures found in those Houses.

3. Sextile ( ^^ ) aspect is to be found three Houses from and including the Significator in both directions. The sextile is a mildly beneficent aspect.

4. Opposition (cf®) is of course directly opposite to the Significator, 180° away, and indicates the nature of the chief difficulties to be expected by the querent.

5. Conjunction ( Qf ) is a mutually supportive arrangement, only taking place between the pairs of Houses already specified, and not for example, the Second and Third, or Fourth and Fifth Houses.

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