Plato Of Tivoli

Parallel with the intense translating activity in Toledo, which was preparing the ground for the breakthrough of scientific thought in Europe, translators also stirred in Barcelona. Plato of Tivoli was one such translator who sojourned in Barcelona from 1134 to 1145. Most of Plato's Arabic translations were astrological. He was assisted by a Jew, Abraham bar Hiyya (or to use his Latin name, Savasorda). Included amongst his better known works is a divinatory geomancy entitled: Alfakini arabici filii quaestiones geomantiae, which was later published in the collection called Fasciculus Geomanticus along with Robert Fludd's work on geomancy. This collection later became the standard printed Latin source for the rules of geomantic practice, and Plato's contribution one of the earliest contained in it.

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