Literary References To Geomancy

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Such perception however went unheeded in popular circles. In The Vision of Piers Ploughman (c. 1362), William Langland describes a series of moralistic visions in which geomancy is associated with guile and sorcery:

But astronomy is a hard thing and evil to know;

Geometry and geomancy are guileful of speech;

Who so works at these two must stay awake late,

For sorcery is the sovereign book of that science.

There are mechanical devices21 of many men's wits,

Experiments in alchemy of Albert's22 making, Nigromancy and pyromancy which raise up ghosts. If you follow Dowel, deal with these never. All these sciences I myself in sooth Have found among the first to deceive folk.23

Other poets spoke of geomancy, and Chaucer24 in 1386 in the Parson's Tale opined that:

What say we of them that believe in divinations, as by flight or by noise of birds, or of beasts, or by sort [lot], by geomancy, by dreams, by chirking of doors, or cracking of houses, by gnawing of rats, and such manner of wretchedness? Certes, all this is defended [forbidden] by God and by all Holy Church.

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