Interpretation Of The Sikidy

The toetry is now filled, and sixteen figures established. From the system of generation it is easy to see that especial importance is laid on the fifteenth (God) figure, the first (querent) figure, and their resolution, or the attitude of the Gods to the fate of the individual, which is given in the sixteenth (Trano) figure.

Hence the first figure to be examined in any interpretation, is the fifteenth (Andriamanitra) figure which refers to God. In European geomancy the figure which falls into the First House is checked to see if it is the dreaded Dragon's Tail. If it is, the whole figure is immediately destroyed, and divination proceeds no further. The Malagasy equivalent is the finding of a Slave figure in the column of Andriamanitra, which likewise results in the instant destruction of the figure for fear that it may provoke an evil event. In fact, it is mathematically impossible to generate any of the following in the sixteenth column, a fact overlooked by earlier commentators who saw in this rule (designed to check errors in manipulation) just another superstition.

The slave figures are Alahizany, Votsira (Vontsira), Saka, Alikisy, Kizo, Adikasajy, Alaimora and Adibijady. The remaining figures were 'noble' figures or 'Kings of sikidy' and were allowed to appear in the Andriamanitra column.

Assuming that the figure is not destroyed owing to inaccurate manipulation, the interpretation proceeds by examining the four upper columns. From these one must be chosen to represent the nature of the question asked. To appreciate the significance of each column, it is necessary to investigate the structure of the divination grid more closely.

The toetry has room for twelve vertical geomantic figures in all. These twelve positions correspond to the twelve Houses of astrology, inasmuch as they designate various categories of life into which a specific geomantic figure may fall. Each row has a specific Malagasy name thus associating each with a particular topic or everyday thing about which an answer may be sought:

The 4 Significators

Fault of the living Dog Bad omen Dragon's head (?) Sliding (?)

Young person/Descendants Slave/strong man/literally, 'dog' Woman v6

Young person

Slave Woman

gq a

Ul o

The interpretation of the toetry

To complicate things a little, further figures can be discovered by reading sideways or even diagonally as well as vertically so that:

(a) The top 4 colums (Tale to Vohitra) are read downwards. In this example they are (using the European names) respectively Acquisitio, Amissio, Cauda Draconis and Via.

(b) The bottom 8 columns (Trano to Fahasivy) are similarly read downwards.

(c) The right-hand 8 rows (Zatovo to Firiariavana an-trano hafa) are read from right to left.

(d) The left-hand 4 rows (Kororozy to Tsinin'ny velona) are read from left to right.

(e) While all corner names are read accordingly:

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