Gerard Of Sabbioneta

Gerard of Sabbioneta composed or translated one treatise on geomancy, the Geomantiae Astronomiae Libellus (probably in 1294) and a summary of Ptolemaic astronomy as explained by al-Farghani and al-Battani, thus very closely paralleling the work of Gerard of Cremona himself.

The Geomantiae Astronomiae Libellus was first printed with the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy of Cornelius Agrippa,7 and was the subject of a rather clumsy translation published first in Italian, then again in French in many editions (Paris 1615, 1664, 1687 to name a few) as Géomancie astronomique de Gérard de Cremone [sic] pour savoir les choses passées les présentes et les futures by the Sieur de Salerne, an Italian refugee in Paris. It can be immediately said that this book of astrological geomancy attributed to Gerard of Cremona and printed in The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy is definitely by Gerard of Sabbioneta and not by Cremona, a fact firmly established by Prince Boncompagni.8 Moreover the technique outlined by Gerard of Sabbioneta is a special practice which does not use the same technique as the geomancy of Gerard of Cremona.9

The Arab work translated by the real Gerard of Cremona at Toledo, about 1160, is to be found in a Latin Bodleian manuscript entitled Liber geomantiae de artibus divinatoriis qui incipit estimaverunt Indi.10 It is possible that the Libellus geomantie juxta arabum semitas ex arabico in hispanum et ex hispano idiomate in latinum translatus of the Bibliothèque Nationale is also a copy of the original work.

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